Help & Support

Ultra Sitebuilder includes built-in support

The "Get Support" button on the top menu opens the Help Center where you can watch video tutorials, view Ultra's user-manual, or open a support ticket to ask a question.

Built-in support tickets in Soholaunch

Get help from Soholaunch developers in two clicks

You can submit support tickets directly through Ultra Sitebuilder's help menu.

Built-in support tickets in Soholaunch

New tutorial videos added every week

Click the 'Video Tutorials' tab to see the latest tutorial videos from Soholaunch.

Built-in support tickets in Soholaunch

Complete User's Manual walks you through every feature

Click the Get Help link from any feature, and the documentation for that feature will open instantly.

Built-in support tickets in Soholaunch

Free Support

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials explain the Soholaunch features. Ultra videos are near the top, scroll down for the Pro videos. Watch the tutorials ยป

Wiki Documentation

The Soholaunch Wiki page is like a companion to the User Manual. The wiki goes a little deeper than the manual and gets a little more technical. View the Soholaunch Wiki Docs »

User's Manual

The Official Soholaunch User's Manual. Note that this is for Pro Edition. The Ultra manual is built-in via the Get Support button in the admin panel. View the User's Manual »

Soholaunch Community Forums

The Soholaunch community forum is available to everyone, regardless of whether you've purchased a license from us. Visit the Soholaunch Community Forums »

Contact Us

Contact Tickets are intended for sales questions, business development inquiries, and questions/comments about our website. Submit a Contact Ticket »

Paid Support

Priority Support Tickets give you direct access to Soholaunch staff. If you have purchased a license from us (either Soholaunch Pro or Soholaunch Ultra), you may already have access to tech support. Leased Licenses and Soholaunch Ultra both include unlimited technical support. Please log in to your Partner Account to see if technical support is already available to you:

Go to the Partner Area

If you don't have a license, you can purchase one from our Buy Page:

Buy a Website License

If you only want help with a single tech issue and you don't have a license, you can buy a one-time support ticket for $35.00:

Buy a Single Support Ticket