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Latest Release: ULTRA v1.48 (Feb 28th 2014)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where cart items with variant names and prices could only be purchased one at a time.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where some video files were not showing when dropping a video on a page.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed an image cache issue with the capcha image.
Web Forms [new feature] Added member registration signup form to web forms.
Backend [bug fix] Corrected issue where session lang was being updated on every page load.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Added cancel button to html editor mode.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue preventing social media links from displaying on shopping cart item detail pages.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] In View Online Orders/Invoices, PayPal Sent and Paid orders now both display the summary of attached form data.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where links within shopping cart item detail pages were pointed within the /shopping folder (causing them not to function).
Web Forms [change/tweak] Form changes now apply to page content immediately.

ULTRA v1.47 (Jan 17th 2014)

Template Manager [new feature] Added 3 new templates: Responsive - Soft Bars, Responsive - Slider Simple, and Professional - Wedding Cake
Site Templates [new feature] Added new template variable: #LOGO#-ALT Same as #LOGO# except #LOGO#-ALT only displays if a logo image is not specified for #LOGOIMG# . This allows template designers to create templates that can accommodate an image or text logo, but not both. See http://wiki.soholaunch.com/index.php?title=Custom_Template_Reference#logo-alt
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed eway payment gateway to be php 5+ compatible.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where social media icons conflicted with <header template tags.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue where blog prompted confirmation message whenever editing blog.
Global Settings [new feature] Added option to included canonical tags in page header.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed issue causing text under heading elements to be only 1px tall.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Fixed issue where menu link to cart pages where not using the https url when it was specified.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added option to use basic mode for cart products with multiple price variations.
Page Editor [bug fix] Added check for site preview that ensures the preview window is not being blocked by a popup blocker.
Email Newsletter [bug fix] Newsletter content is now encoded in UTF-8 to fix an issue when using a non UTF8 email template.
Global Settings [new feature] Added option to send mail through a custom SMTP mail server.

ULTRA v1.46 (Nov 13th 2013)

Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Added canonical link for each page to improve SEO.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added canonical links to the head of shopping cart pages.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed Internet Explorer 11 issue where the text editor's html source editor removed content.
Backup/Restore [change/tweak] Optimized backup/restore feature to use less memory.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] All shopping cart pages now redirect to the Payment SSL url if it is not being used.

ULTRA v1.45 (Nov 6th 2013)

Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where text areas where not being written to page content.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Recommended items now include a thumbnail of product if available.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed delete button not working on cart products that used price variants and sub categories.

ULTRA v1.44 (Oct 31st 2013)

Backend [new feature] Plugins system added... Release the Kracken! Plugins from addons.soholaunch.com can now be installed on Ultra sites!
Global Settings [bug fix] Fixed issue where member permissions where not updating properly.
Calendar [bug fix] Changed calendar month to month navigation to use links instead of form submissions so that the browser back button works as expected.
Web Forms [new feature] You can now use .html files as form response files.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added option to allow products to be purchases in fractional quantities for specified cart items.
Email Newsletter [bug fix] Fixed bug where blank entries in the email address table caused the newsletter send function to fail.
Other/Misc. [backend code change] Updated addons site links.
Email Newsletter [bug fix] Javascript is now being stripped properly from newsletter content.
Security Center [change/tweak] Changed security center to only show failed login attempts from the past 6 months.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where slashes where being added to apostrophes on some servers.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Site links and image paths are now relative.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed incorrect 3rd party payment gateway homepage links in payment options.
Site Templates [new feature] You can now use the builtin custom button feature in templates by adding the "menubuttons" class to the container that the menu #variable is in. For example: &lt;div class="menubuttons"&gt;#HMAINS#&lt;/div&gt;
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Admin Users > Add new admin user button was not working.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where "more information" car display options where not applying to single items dropped on a page.

ULTRA v1.43 (Sep 25th 2013)

Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where header tag dropdown was applying to entire text block rather than selected text.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue where IE10 would add products to the shopping cart twice.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where cart products sku number where not being updated on pages they where placed on.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Changed custom button css file to only be included if custom buttons styles are enabled.
Text Editor [new feature] Added option in "Global Settings" to set a background color for the text editor.
Text Editor [new feature] Added option in "Global Settings" to choose whether the "enter" key creates a paragraph tag or break tag in the text editor.
Files & Images [bug fix] Fixed an issue where the image editor was not working properly on IE10.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Removed "auto-cleanup" function from text editor which was causing some html to be stripped
Backup/Restore [change/tweak] Modified the default timeout to 16 minutes for site backups.

ULTRA v1.42 (Sep 5th 2013)

Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Changed admin interface icons.
Database Table Manager [backend code change] Added syntax check to search and replace function that ensures that the search_for field is properly escaped.
Backend [change/tweak] Improved support ticket interface.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed twitter wall feed to work with new api restrictions.
Backend [change/tweak] Added a function called ieFix which returns the proper X-UA-Compatible version for ie browsers.
Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Added Keyword field to "search engine ranking" module.
Backend [new feature] Added plugin manager access permission option to additional admin users manager.
Backend [bug fix] Fixed issue where additional admin users with access rights to the template manager couldn't access it.
Database Table Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue where slashes where stripped twice when editing or inserting records.
Text Editor [change/tweak] All html5 tags are now allowed in the text editor.
Backend [backend code change] Removed session start from page.php files in document root.
Photo Albums [new feature] Added a second scrolling slider option for photo albums.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where content_search_replace feature was being included twice on some shopping cart pages.
Backend [backend code change] added plugin install functions for hook_attach.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where paste as text was not inserting pasted text on the correct line in internet explorer.
Backend [backend code change] Removed session_start from php files in docroot and shopping/ folder.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Changed the copy plain text feature to use linebreaks instead of paragraph tags for new lines.

ULTRA v1.41 (Jul 31st 2013)

Backend [bug fix] Fixed issue in pgm-email_friend.php not properly sanitizing form data.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Fixed issue where support ticket reply window was not scrollable in some browsers.
Database Table Manager [bug fix] Fixed an issue in "create a database table search" script.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Text editor now uses page breaks by default and formats the html view.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Page editor now produces xhtml compliant code.
Web Forms [new feature] Added option to include html form in form response emails.

ULTRA v1.40 (Jul 12th 2013)

Web Forms [change/tweak] Made several improvements to the the forms manager to make it more user friendly.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Restyled the shopping cart's Paypal buttons.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Fixed issue with the facebook like button.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added check to shopping cart to prevent two products from having the same sku no.
Other/Misc. [backend code change] Realtime builder now preserves protocol-agnostic URL paths (//url/file) in custom templates.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added ajax call to shopping cart template that refreshes session ever 5 minutes to prevent session timeout.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where currency was not displaying properly when viewing final invoice.

ULTRA v1.39 (Jun 21st 2013)

Shopping Cart [new feature] Added the ability to sort the display order of the shopping carts main categories.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added the ability to hide the product inventory count next to the shopping cart categories.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Improved shopping cart's additional image hover routine for larger images.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed paypal callback link for subdomains when no SSL installed.
Page Editor [change/tweak] The form drop-down list is not alphabetized when dropping a form in the page editor
Traffic Stats [bug fix] Fixed issue with unique visitor calculation.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed subjectline bug in default contact form.
Menu System [bug fix] Fixed issue where old submenu items were still appearing on the menu or showing in multiple locations.
Page Editor [bug fix] Improved character encoding for page names.
Traffic Stats [bug fix] Fixed issue where unique visitor page view was being displayed incorrectly.
Backend [backend code change] Added SSL support for /sohoadmin backend.
Backup/Restore [bug fix] Fixed issue where link to sitemap in robots.txt was incorrect.

ULTRA v1.38 (Apr 18th 2013)

Page Editor [bug fix] Changed save page confirmation dialog to only appear when page content has changed.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed an issue where web forms had an extra close /div tag.

ULTRA v1.37 (Apr 16th 2013)

Shopping Cart [new feature] Added option to run paypal pro transactions in test mode.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where the text editor displayed extra spaces that didn't appear on the end site.
Dashboard [change/tweak] Changed the "Get Support" button to a proper link rather than javascript.
Page Editor [bug fix] Added confirmation dialog to admin menu links when editing a page to prevent accidental content loss.
Backend [bug fix] Fixed issue where page names in the page select dropdown where not being updated to reflect the new page name
Page Editor [change/tweak] Added css rule for .sohotext class to display as a table element.
Site Templates [bug fix] Fixed an issue where the submenu dropdown was incorrectly positioned on the Simple Business template.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue where internal blog rss feed was displaying items in reverse order.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Authorize.net clone gateways are now easily integrated by adding the scHost and scPath entries to the smt_userdata table.
Site Templates [new feature] Added new custom button feature that allows users to customize button colors site-wide.

ULTRA v1.36 (Apr 2nd 2013)

Calendar [bug fix] calendar event names are now properly stripped.
Backend [backend code change] Overhauled mysql insert classes.
Backend [bug fix] Fixed IE8 display issue in Administrative User module.
Backend [bug fix] Fixed email validation class.

ULTRA v1.34 (Apr 1st 2013)

Photo Albums [bug fix] Multiple photo slider boxes can now be placed on the same page.
Photo Albums [bug fix] Multiple photo albums can now be placed on the same page.

ULTRA v1.33 (Mar 29th 2013)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Various fixes for the paypal pro gateway.
Calendar [new feature] Calendar events that are shopping cart registration items now display the number of registrants for each event date when viewing the calendar in the admin panel.
Site Templates [backend code change] Added meta tag to force all versions of IE to run in IE8 compatibility mode.
Calendar [change/tweak] Changed dropdown menus in calendar event editor to accommodate page and product names that exceed 60 chars in outdated browsers.
Dashboard [bug fix] Fixed issue where dashboard purchase summary wasn't including paypal orders.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed bug where save menu did not display properly on browsers without css2 & css3 support.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue where the incorrect currency was displaying in some payment gateways.

ULTRA v1.32 (Feb 27th 2013)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue where selecting the "do not show state" option in the shopping cart caused a checkout error.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed extra row at bottom of forms in IE
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed a bug in the custom code object caused from having uploaded media files using apostrophe's in the file name.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where page names that ended in spaces where not being saved properly.

ULTRA v1.31 (Jan 17th 2013)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue where the minimum cart quantity was being calculated incorrectly in some instances.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where user images where not displaying correctly in the shopping cart.
Dashboard [new feature] Recent Site Activity now shows new orders placed using Check/Money order.
Global Settings [bug fix] Fixed layout issue in "Search Engine Ranking" module.
Backend [backend code change] Removed php session_register function for php 5.4+ compatibility.

ULTRA v1.30 (Jan 11th 2013)

Web Forms [bug fix] Fix for broken captcha images.

ULTRA v1.29 (Jan 11th 2013)

Site Templates [new feature] Add option to choose a specific template for mobile site visitors in the site templates module.
Backend [change/tweak] Added an option to grant additional admin users access to all current and future database tables.
Shopping Cart [new feature] You can now sell secure member access in the advanced tab when editing a shopping cart item. The member login account is created when the purchase is completed.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed an issue where captcha images would try to read from browser cache instead of loading new image.
Page Editor [bug fix] Set a max. width for the page quick select dropdown in the page editor.
Page Editor [bug fix] Modified the default style rules for the .columns and .sohorow classes.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Various improvements made to the mobile browser template.
Text Editor [change/tweak] A style editor has been added to the text editor.
Files & Images [new feature] Now when renaming a file, the filename is updated throughout the site's page content, blog content, and cart content.
Files & Images [change/tweak] Fixed bug where images with & symbols could not be edited or deleted.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Fixed issue where the print dialog didn't automatically pop up in internet explorer when the print page button was clicked.

ULTRA v1.28 (Dec 12th 2012)

Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed bug where pages with spaces where not previewing properly when page wasn't saved.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed an issue where blog rss feed was not linking to some articles correctly.
Text Editor [bug fix] The text editor is now compatible with the Skype "click-to-dial" plugin
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed a display issue where blog pages had an open div tag.
Backend [change/tweak] Adjusted default style sheet.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed an issue where the blog rss feed was not properly formatting all links.
Calendar [change/tweak] Display improvements made to calendar edit/add event.
Text Editor [bug fix] Added spellcheck to Text Editor for Internet Explorer.

ULTRA v1.27 (Dec 3rd 2012)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed display colors on payment forms for some gateways that where displaying incorrectly.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Now when shopping cart items are linked to a calendar event the shopping cart will insert a date dropdown field in the form.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Now when shopping cart items are linked to a calendar event the shopping cart item will act as a registration event. This changes that items inventory to function on a per date basis.
Page Editor [bug fix] Updated twitter newsbox to use new twitter rss format.

ULTRA v1.26 (Nov 30th 2012)

Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where texteditor boxes containing image links would not load on click in google chrome.
Calendar [bug fix] Added next month and previous month links for searchable monthly calendar displays.
Calendar [bug fix] Fixed an issue where recurring calendar events where not saving properly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed bug where not all notification addresses where being notified for cart orders.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] "from address" now displays the Business Payable name as the from address for cart purchases.
Calendar [new feature] A calendar event can now link directly to a page or shopping cart item.
Calendar [change/tweak] Fixed calendar background colors.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Various style changes in page editor.
Photo Albums [change/tweak] Changed photo album slider to center all images.
Photo Albums [change/tweak] The sliding image box no longer forces image constraints.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed the "from address" displaying correctly in email notifications for cart purchases.

ULTRA v1.25 (Nov 15th 2012)

Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue related page names containing an Ampersand.
Calendar [change/tweak] Event details now display ontop of the calendar, rather than a new popup window.
Calendar [bug fix] Fixed issue where user event approval links was incorrect.
Calendar [bug fix] Fixed issue with public calendar event submissions.
Dashboard [new feature] Changed left sohoadmin menu to be displayed as a frame.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Changed shopping cart css styles to be included as a link in header rather than in HTML output to allow greater control of cart styles from template style sheets.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue where some cart comments where not being recorded properly.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added option to automatically approve cart customer comments.

ULTRA v1.24 (Oct 24th 2012)

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Shopping cart comment approval script integrated into more information page.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Changed the shopping cart comment approval link to be more email friendly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue where & symbols caused problems when used in product SKU numbers.
Blog Manager [change/tweak] Changed (approve/deny/delete) text links to buttons in blog comments.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Changed (approve/deny/delete) text links to buttons in shopping cart comments.

ULTRA v1.23 (Oct 16th 2012)

Dashboard [new feature] Added notification to dashboard when there are new cart comments.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added Shopping Cart Comments management module.
Template Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue preventing site title and slogan from saving on some sites.

ULTRA v1.22 (Oct 9th 2012)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed problem causing broken image to display when product without thumbnail is dropped directly on page.
Calendar [bug fix] Fixed an issue where month did not change on calendar front end.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] fixed bug where cart shipping options where not created properly.
Page Editor [bug fix] Changed "Image" drag and drop item so that you no longer need to click the "select image" button for the image to display on the page.
Dashboard [change/tweak] Web Forms, fixed spelling of "enquiry" on the default "Contact_Form_(Basic)" contact form (Thanks to Laura @ Goop for Report!).
Text Editor [change/tweak] Changed text editor to default to white background with black text
Text Editor [bug fix] fixed issue where anchors where not being populated in anchor list.

ULTRA v1.21 (Sep 24th 2012)

Backend [bug fix] Added slashthis function to mysql_insert.class.php
Dashboard [change/tweak] Changed help button to be more prevalent.

ULTRA v1.20 (Sep 13th 2012)

Calendar [bug fix] Fixed default calendar display page to properly display current month when no search is present.
Page Editor [bug fix] Corrected an issue where there was an open "<div>" tag left on pages that had forms on them.
Page Editor [bug fix] Changed all .css and javascript inside the page editor to never cache to prevent google chrome display issues.
Calendar [bug fix] Fixed an issue where calendar month display was not changing month properly.

ULTRA v1.19 (Aug 31st 2012)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue with Internetsecure payment gateway.

ULTRA v1.18 (Aug 22nd 2012)

Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed blog display issue.
Backend [bug fix] Fixed bug where additional admin users had access to all pages, instead of only pages they where limited to from drop-down quick-select.
Blog Manager [new feature] Added blog rss feed. ( www.yoursite.com/blog.rss.php )

ULTRA v1.17 (Aug 15th 2012)

Page Editor [new feature] Added News Feed page editor object that allows you to pull and display a public facebook wall feed or twitter feed.
Photo Albums [new feature] Added slider box. Now when dropping a photo album onto a page you can select to display the album in the new "Slider" mode.
Dashboard [change/tweak] Added a one-time popup alert when a new version update is available.
Security Center [change/tweak] Added ban start date information to security center.
Traffic Stats [bug fix] Fixed an issue where site administrators where being included in site statistics.
Site Templates [new feature] Added Sidebar template variables #BOX1# #BOX2# #BOX3# #BOX4# #BOX5# #BOX6# #BOX7# #BOX8# #BOX9# & #BOX10# variables. The sidebar can be managed in the page editor by clicking the "Sidebar" button on the top menu for pages using a template that includes a sidebar.
Site Search [bug fix] Fixed issue where site search would display results from deleted pages.

ULTRA v1.16 (Jul 24th 2012)

Site Templates [new feature] Added new vertical flyout menu called #VFLYOUTMENU# .
Traffic Stats [change/tweak] Modified site stats so that the admin users are no longer tracked.
Global Settings [new feature] Added a security center to allow site admins to ban and unban IP addresses. This feature is available under the Global Settings menu.
Blog Manager [change/tweak] Changed the blog's ban spam comment function to ban offenders IP for 48 hours instead of permanently.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Improved page editor drag and drop system.
Site Templates [new feature] Added ability to use .php template files.

ULTRA v1.15 (Jul 17th 2012)

Template Manager [bug fix] Fixed bug in template replacement images.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Changed text editor view to full screen.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Made page editor drop zone widths responsive.

ULTRA v1.14 (Jul 11th 2012)

Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where text editor broke when changing headers in chrome.
Template Manager [new feature] Added new Flyout menu system accessible in templates by #FLYOUTMENU#

ULTRA v1.13 (Jul 10th 2012)

Site Templates [new feature] Added new template variable: #JQUERY# which will include the built-in jquery javascript include in a template.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Added ability to swap between advanced and basic mode within text editor.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Added ability to play .flv movies in text editor.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Add quick-edit page drop-down to page editor.
Menu System [change/tweak] Modified menu so that sub_pages are now stored in the sub_pages column of the site_pages table.

ULTRA v1.12 (Jul 2nd 2012)

Page Editor [change/tweak] Removed all table elements from Page Editor output and replaced them with divs.
Dashboard [change/tweak] Add labels to dashboard graph display.
Backend [backend code change] Added a check to ensure that admin user's IP addresses are immune from being accidentally banned.

ULTRA v1.11 (Jun 20th 2012)

Dashboard [new feature] Dashboard now displays a message when a support tech has responded to an open support ticket.
Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Removed several instances of <table width=100> throughout the end website display.
Traffic Stats [change/tweak] Changed stats window to be larger.
Site Templates [new feature] New template added: Fun-Glass
Database Table Manager [bug fix] Fixed bug where tables named "group" could not be edited.
Dashboard [change/tweak] Improved dashboard graph display.
Dashboard [new feature] New purchases,form submissions, and cart comments now appear on dashboard.
Backend [change/tweak] Changed supersterilize function to work with all UTF languages.

ULTRA v1.10 (Jun 18th 2012)

Text Editor [change/tweak] Added shopping cart categories to text editor link list.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Modified captcha to use GD Image libraries.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Changes to various template styles.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Slightly modified the captcha display to use inherited template styles.

ULTRA v1.09 (Jun 13th 2012)

Text Editor [new feature] Added ability to switch between advanced and normal mode for text editor. This new option is found in global settings.
Text Editor [backend code change] Updated text editor to latest version of tinymce.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Increased text editor size in Page Editor.
Blog Manager [change/tweak] Increased text editor size in Blog manager.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Fixed issue where blog titles with single quotes caused javascript errors.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed issues where page titles with apostrophes where not saving correctly in some instances.
Text Editor [bug fix] You can now link to media files in the text editor when linking text.
Photo Albums [change/tweak] Set a max width for photo album thumbnails.
Backend [backend code change] Updated jquery to version 1.7.1 .
Traffic Stats [bug fix] Fixed issue where not all years where displaying in stats.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Newsletter style templates no longer display in drop-down list when selecting main site template.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Changes to various template styles.

ULTRA v1.08 (May 21st 2012)

Backend [backend code change] Implemented new email class to use product wide. This effected the following files: sohoadmin/includes/get_login.php sohoadmin/client_files/pgm-blog_display.php sohoadmin/client_files/pgm-cal-system.php sohoadmin/client_files/base_files/pgm-form_submit.php sohoadmin/client_files/base_files/pgm-secure_remember.php sohoadmin/client_files/base_files/pgm-get_password.php sohoadmin/client_files/shopping_cart/pgm-get_password.php sohoadmin/client_files/shopping_cart/pgm-write_review.php sohoadmin/client_files/shopping_cart/pgm-add_cart.php sohoadmin/client_files/shopping_cart/pgm-email_notify.php sohoadmin/client_files/shopping_cart/nochex_apx.php sohoadmin/program/modules/mods_full/event_calendar/edit_event.php sohoadmin/program/modules/mods_full/event_calendar/add_event.php sohoadmin/program/modules/mods_full/security_create_user.php sohoadmin/program/modules/mods_full/enewsletter/send_now.php
Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Changed help tutorial videos to be embedded in help center.

ULTRA v1.07 (May 11th 2012)

Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed bug where email was not sending from form submissions on certain servers.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Removed forced-shopping cart styles in favor of template styles.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Removed default box borders from shopping cart display.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Several template style/layout changes.

ULTRA v1.06 (May 7th 2012)

Site Templates [change/tweak] Several template style/layout changes.
Backend [backend code change] Changed backend mail functions to work across servers with stricter mail rule sets.

ULTRA v1.05 (May 4th 2012)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed bug in shopping cart where broken images where displaying for cart items that didn't have an image selected.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where some templates displayed broken menu links.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Several template style/layout changes.
Backend [change/tweak] Added mysql connect check to shared functions file.

ULTRA v1.04 (May 2nd 2012)

Backend [bug fix] Fixed a bug related to IE9 causing issues in help center.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Several template style/layout changes.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Logo image broken on login page.
Blog Manager [change/tweak] Tweaked blog display page styles slightly.
Template Manager [new feature] Added 3 new templates.

ULTRA v1.03 (Mar 16th 2012)

Dashboard [bug fix] Fixed an issue with Shopping Cart order displays on dashboard.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Blog comments now display in correct utf-8 format.

ULTRA v1.02 (Mar 9th 2012)

Blog Manager [new feature] Added Blog Comment manager to blog to manage blog user comments.

ULTRA v1.01 (Mar 6th 2012)

Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Login page redesigned. Will also display the domain name of the email address that forgotten login info was sent to.
Traffic Stats [change/tweak] Added ability to disable logging of site stats.
Traffic Stats [change/tweak] Added ability to archive traffic stats.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Norwegian language setting no longer causes Edit Pages screen to link unexpectedly to Site Templates module.
Global Settings [new feature] Added local time zone setting that allows time zone to be set across all features and pages, overriding the default server timezone.
Calendar [bug fix] Made calendar event email notifications compatible across more smtp servers.
Web Forms [bug fix] Made form email notifications compatible across more smtp servers.

ULTRA v1.00 (Feb 9th 2012)

Web Forms [bug fix] Added check to fix file not found issue with some custom forms.
Backend [bug fix] Added additional utf8 support for pagenames.
Backend [change/tweak] Modification to site functions to be compatible across more server environments.
Other/Misc. [new feature] Created a dynamic sitemap file for better seo.

ULTRA v0.99 (Nov 21st 2011)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed Issue where shopping cart payment settings where not saving properly.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Removed all extra custom.css links from default templates.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] On Shopping Cart Menu, corrected spelling error in message that tells user to create some categories. Associated had two c's in it.
Blog Manager [change/tweak] Changed user facing blog styles to be more general.
Software Updates [change/tweak] Updates now include templates changes and new templates.

ULTRA v0.98 (Nov 10th 2011)

Blog Manager [change/tweak] Updated blog manager's display so that it is friendlier across different template styles.
Site Templates [change/tweak] Update to various templates.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fix to shopping cart products image upload display.