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Latest Release: Pro v4.9.4 r42

Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Added rules to ensure web crawlers can view all css/js/image files.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Updated to new Akamai URL.
Traffic Stats [bug fix] Fixed bug where referral links where not being recorded properly.
Backend [backend code change] Added user agent string to internal curl calls.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed a Firefox bug that was preventing blog comment forms from being submitted.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added VAT Reg. number to invoice display when charging VAT taxes.

Pro v4.9.4 r41

Backend [bug fix] Mobile friendly seo fix.
Backend [bug fix] Stats security fix.
Backend [backend code change] Added a check to ensure db_name variable is set.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed bug where product descriptions where not being included in search on some mysql versions.

Pro v4.9.4 r39

Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed an issue with captcha and session cache affecting certain versions of PHP.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue where blog comment options where not saving correctly on some server environments.
Photo Albums [change/tweak] The order of Photo Album images can now be switched by clicking them.
Other/Misc. [new feature] Integrated into Softaculous ampps stack installer.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed an issue where dropdown field values where not saving correctly on servers running php 5.3.3.
Shopping Cart [new plugin hook] You can now add an additional shipping fee to Fedex rates by adding an entry to the smt_userdata table using: plugin->cart, fieldname->add_ship_charge, data = extra shipping fee. (the fee must be a number withOUT specifying currency.
Photo Albums [change/tweak] Photo Albums can now include more than 25 images.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] When the option to skip the more information page is selected, the "add to cart" button now adds item to inventory and displays the view/edit cart page.

Pro v4.9.4 r38

Email Newsletter [bug fix] Fixed newsletter issue where some mail server's where not processing bcc headers properly.

Pro v4.9.4 r37 (Jun 20th 2014)

Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where the add link function was not working in chrome browsers.

Pro v4.9.4 r36

Email Newsletter [new feature] Added support for remote email service.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where some state and country taxes where not calculating properly.
Email Newsletter [change/tweak] Newsletter campaigns now include a List-Unsubscribe header to increase deliverability.
Email Newsletter [new feature] Newsletter campaigns with the "Personalize Newsletter for each recipient" option set to "yes" now contain a one-click unsubscribe link.
Web Forms [change/tweak] The subject line of the webmaster notification email now uses the specified visitor email's subject line.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issues with paypal advanced gateway.
Email Newsletter [bug fix] Fixed issue where some custom smtp servers where not working.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Product dimensions not saving.

Pro v4.9.4 r35 (Mar 14th 2014)

Page Editor [bug fix] Cannot click radio buttons under Photo Album object or Directions object.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue when using multiple forms on a cart item that includes a required upload field.
Email Newsletter [change/tweak] Changed eNewsletter to use new email class to better accommodate custom email servers.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where some video files were not showing when dropping a video on a page.

Pro v4.9.4 r34

Backend [bug fix] Corrected issue where session lang was being updated on every page load.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Added cancel button to html editor mode.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] In View Online Orders/Invoices, PayPal Sent and Paid orders now both display the summary of attached form data.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where links within shopping cart item detail pages were pointed within the /shopping folder (causing them not to function).
Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue where text editor area in new blog posts was not clickable in some browsers.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Form changes now apply to page content immediately.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed eway payment gateway to be php 5+ compatible.
Global Settings [new feature] Added option to included canonical tags in page header.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed issue causing text under heading elements to be only 1px tall.
Backend [backend code change] Added copy of pgm-site_config.php to /sohoadmin/client_files/
Shopping Cart [new feature] Can now specify a custom message to appear at the top of all product pages.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed an issue where styles where not being imported to text editor for some domain names.
Web Forms [new feature] Added option to send mail through a custom SMTP mail server.
Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Added canonical link for each page to improve SEO.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added canonical links to the head of shopping cart pages.

Pro v4.9.4 r33

Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed Internet Explorer 11 issue where the text editor's html source editor removed content.
Backup/Restore [change/tweak] Optimized backup/restore feature to use less memory.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] All shopping cart pages now redirect to the Payment SSL url if it is not being used.

Pro v4.9.4 r32

Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where text areas where not being written to page content.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Recommended items now include a thumbnail of product if available.

Pro v4.9.4 r31 (Nov 4th 2013)

Shopping Cart [new feature] Added option to include session timeout prevention on shopping cart pages. This feature can be enabled in shopping cart's display settings.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Extraneous SID parameter removed from shopping cart URLS to eliminate duplicate content penalties in SEO.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Fixed bug where eula would display on homepage of new installs if it had not been agreed to.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed delete button not working on cart products that used price variants and sub categories.
Web Forms [new feature] You can now use .html files as form response files.
Email Newsletter [bug fix] Fixed bug where blank entries in the email address table caused the newsletter send function to fail.
Other/Misc. [backend code change] Updated addons site links.
Email Newsletter [bug fix] Javascript is now being stripped properly from newsletter content.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where slashes where being added to apostrophes on some servers.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Site links and image paths are now relative.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed incorrect 3rd party payment gateway homepage links in payment options.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added ability to easily use any payment gateway clone. An authorize clone can be used by adding 2 entries to the smt_userdata database table using the following format: plugin=cart_authorize fieldname=scHost plugin=cart_authorize fieldname = scPath data=/cgi-bin/an/ The above example is for . You can easily use any clone by changing the "data" field values to the authorize clone of your choice.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where header tag dropdown was applying to entire text block rather than selected text.
Backend [change/tweak] Changed various javascript and css includes to use https calls in the sohoadmin backend when accessing the editor using https.

Pro v4.9.4 r30 (Sep 12th 2013)

Text Editor [new feature] Added option in "Global Settings" to set a background color for the text editor.
Text Editor [new feature] Added option in "Global Settings" to choose whether the "enter" key creates a paragraph tag or break tag in the text editor.
Backup/Restore [change/tweak] Disabled memory_limit for backup restore, and set timeout to 16 minutes.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Removed "auto-cleanup" function from text editor which was causing some html to be stripped.
Database Table Manager [backend code change] Added syntax check to search and replace function that ensures that the search_for field is properly escaped.
Database Table Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue where slashes where stripped twice when editing or inserting records.
Backend [backend code change] Removed 3 unnecessary javascript includes from site output.
Text Editor [change/tweak] All html5 tags are now allowed in the text editor.

Pro v4.9.4 r29 (Aug 22nd 2013)

Backend [change/tweak] Default sohoadmin window width and height slightly increased.
Backend [bug fix] Added fix for a login issue on servers running php versions 4.4.*.
Backend [backend code change] Changed content search and replace feature to use preg_replace instead of eregi_replace
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where content_search_replace feature was being included twice on some shopping cart pages.
Other/Misc. [change/tweak] Added check to make sure a favicon.ico exists in either the site's docroot or images folder to prevent linking to a non-existant image.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where paste as text was not inserting pasted text on the correct line in internet explorer.
Backend [backend code change] Removed session_start from php files in docroot and shopping/ folder.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Changed the copy plain text feature to use linebreaks instead of paragraph tags for new lines.
Files & Images [bug fix] Fixed display issue after uploading files in IE.
Backend [bug fix] Fixed issue in pgm-email_friend.php not properly sanitizing form data.
Other/Misc. [bug fix] Fixed a display issued when adding/editing admin users in IE.

Pro v4.9.4 r28 (Jul 22nd 2013)

Text Editor [change/tweak] Text editor now uses page breaks by default and formats the html view.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Page editor now produces xhtml compliant code.
Other/Misc. [backend code change] Added function check to
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where the "edit pages" button in the page editor was linking to the main menu in internet explorer.
Backend [backend code change] Files in the document root folder, /shopping/ folder, and /subscription/ folders now include the base root file instead of copying the file from /sohoadmin/client_files/ folders .

Pro v4.9.4 r27 (Aug 22nd 2013)

Site Templates [bug fix] Fixed a bug causing the remote template gallery's preview template function to fail.
Blogs [new feature] Can now include YouTube links to blog posts via #video;[url]# shortcode.

Pro v4.9.4 r26 (Jun 18th 2013)

Page Editor [change/tweak] The form drop-down list is not alphabetized when dropping a form in the page editor.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Fixed character encoding issue for webform submission email content.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Greatly improved mp3 and video playback functionality.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed paypal callback link for subdomains when no SSL installed.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where show invoices would not display in IE when the admin was smaller than 800x600.
Text Editor [bug fix] Editor no longer auto-inserts extra line breaks.
Traffic Statistics [bug fix] Fixed issue in unique visitor visit Frequency.

Pro v4.9.4 r25 (May 21st 2013)

Backend [bug fix] Improved character detection for page names.
Site Traffic Stats [bug fix] Fixed issue where unique visitor page view was being displayed incorrectly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Adding a product to the cart more than once causes 2 entries to be listed for the same product.
Forms [bug fix] Fixed problem where no fields were clickable in the forms manager.
Forms [new feature] Added Date Picker field type.

Pro v4.9.4 r24 (Apr 30th 2013)

Back End [change/tweak] Disabled domain resolve feature in the email function for 5.3.21 .
Site Display [change/tweak] The prototype library is no longer included in the end site display by default.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where the text editor displayed extra spaces that didn't appear on the end site.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed email validation class.

Pro v4.9.4 r23 (Mar 13th 2013)

Backend [change/tweak] LoginAll backend login information is now passed via POST only.
Software Updates [bug fix] Google Analytics tracking code lost when updating old sites that were using the GA plugin.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Single Sku DisplayFixed broken image issue (when no image defined)
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where duplicate paystation purchase notifications where being sent out..
Web Forms [bug fix] Extra row showing at bottom of form in IE.
Text Editor [bug fix] Option in Global Settings to disable CSS importing in the editor works now.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where currency type was not displaying properly in some payment gateways.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue related to custom shopping_cart.css files that contained #CONTENT# .

Pro v4.9.4 r22 (Jan 10th 2013)

Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed bug in video display.
Backend [change/tweak] Removed session_register code for PHP 5.4+ compatibility.
Text Editor [change/tweak] The style editor has been added back to the text editor.
Page Editor [change/tweak] The UTF-8 encoding option in global settings now force applies the selected encoding to the page editor and through out the backend.
Shopping Cart [new feature] More Information link toggle now affects single sku display as well.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added pay-to address for check/money order purchases. Added note to webmaster on invoice when purchase is check/money order.

Pro v4.9.4 r21 (Dec 17th 2012)

Printable Pages [bug fix] Fixed issue where the print dialog didn't automatically pop up in internet explorer when the print page button was clicked.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed critical bug with PayPal payments.

Pro v4.9.4 r20 (Dec 13th 2012)

eNewsletter [bug fix] Fixed unsubscribe feature.

Pro v4.9.4 r19 (Dec 7th 2012)

Blog [bug fix] Fixed bug where blog archive was not displaying in proper chronological order.
Backend [bug fix] Changed page editor drag and drop object area to have a max width to prevent stretching.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue where hyphens were being stripped from email addresses.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Emails to webmaster for form submissions will now have the form submitters email address as the reply to email when it is specified.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Centered page editor layout.
Text Editor [change/tweak] The text editor is now compatible with the skype "click-to-dial" plugin.
Text Editor [new feature] Added spellcheck to text editor for Internet explorer.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added new PayPal Pro payment gateway

Pro v4.9.4 r18 (Dec 3rd 2012)

Backend [bug fix] Fixed bug causing a parse error when submitting a form on servers running php 4.

Pro v4.9.4 r17 (Nov 29th 2012)

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] "from address" now displays the Business Payable name as the from address for cart purchases.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed bug where not all notification addresses where being notified for cart orders.
Backend [bug fix] Fixed bug causing a parse error on servers running php 4.

Pro v4.9.4 r16 (Nov 19th 2012)

Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed issue causing dropdown, checkbox, and radio options to disappear on save.
Backend [change/tweak] Added IE8 tags to product windows to force all IE renders modes to IE8.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Fixed the "from address" displaying correctly in email notifications for cart purchases.

Pro v4.9.4 r15 (Nov 14th 2012)

Backend [bug fix] Fixed bug where page delete function wasn't working correctly for page names that contained certain characters, like ( + & _).
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Added additional check to prevent broken thumbnail images.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed bug where anchor dropdown was empty when linking text.
Web Forms [bug fix] fixed spelling of "Enquiry" on the default "Contact_Form_(Basic)" contact form (Thanks to Laura @ Goop for Report!).
Web Forms [new feature] Form response attachments can now contain html.
Backend [change/tweak] Moved pgm-realtime_builder.php:add-to-final-html hook position so that it occurs after google adsense code in pgm-realtime_builder.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Changed form processing script to use new mail function.

Pro v4.9.4 r14 (Sep 5th 2012)

Site Stats [bug fix] Fixed issue causing Unique Visitor page count to be incorrect when the archive table is missing.
Calendar [bug fix] Start and end times do not repopulate if they end with :15 or :30 or :45.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Special characters in comments are breaking.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Customer Import Formsfixed a bug where products with "-" characters where not storing customer custom form information properly.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] View Orders/InvoicesInvoice HTML excluded from csv data for cleaner Excel importing.

Pro v4.9.4 r13 (Aug 13th 2012)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] View Orders/InvoicesEmpty orders showing up in admin screen.

Pro v4.9.4 r12 (Jul 27th 2012)

Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed an issue where captcha caused form submission to fail on older version of chrome.
Text Editor [bug fix] Made change to prevent text editor javascript from being cached to prevent issues caused from using outdated cached javascript.
Text Editor [bug fix] File Upload does not work.

Pro v4.9.4 r11 (Jul 19th 2012)

[bug fix] Fixed bug on IIS servers were pathing problem led to crash.

Pro v4.9.4 r10 (Jul 17th 2012)

Backend [change/tweak] Added a pathing check to mail class to prevent errors on windows servers with incorrect paths.
Swappable Template User Images [change/tweak] Removed blank space between images.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Text editor HTML editor now fullscreen.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Added styles dropdown back to text editor

Pro v4.9.4 r9 (Jul 9th 2012)

Text Editor [change/tweak] Added in-editor toggle button to switch between advanced and normal mode.
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed text editor bug caused by selecting header specs in chrome.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Payment OptionsCannot save eway payment options.

Pro v4.9.4 r8 (Jul 3rd 2012)

Backend [change/tweak] Added check for servers that have dl() disabled .
Help Center [change/tweak] Corrected permissions check routine in Diagnostic area to work with suphp servers .
Text Editor [change/tweak] Added copy/paste functionality.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Added file download links when linking text in the text editor.

Pro v4.9.4 r7 (Jun 21st 2012)

Backend [bug fix] Fixed fatal error in smt_functions.php for servers running PHP v.4.4.

Pro v4.9.4 r6 (Jun 20th 2012)

Database Tables [bug fix] Fixed bug where tables named "group" could not be edited.
Backend [change/tweak] Changed supersterilize function to work with all UTF-8 languages.
Text Editor [new feature] Updated text editor to latest version of TinyMCE.

Pro v4.9.4 r5 (Jun 15th 2012)

Interface [change/tweak] /sohoadmin pop-up window dimensions increased.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Broken image displays in search results when no thumbnail is defined.
Shopping Cart [new feature] View Orders/InvoicesNow displays summary of products ordered, as well as the IP Address of the customer. Also cleaned up the order list a little.

Pro v4.9.4 r4 (Jun 12th 2012)

Traffic Statistics [bug fix] Fixed an issue where stats where not displaying on sites that had not yet archived stats.

Pro v4.9.4 r3 (Jun 5th 2012)

Backend [new feature] Added unzip class to smt_functions.php that does not require exec or shell_exec.
Backend [change/tweak] Deleted unused file: sohoadmin/client_files/base_files/pgm-get_password.php
Backend [change/tweak] Replaced new purchase notification emails with new and improved email class. effected files: pgm-email_notify.php, nochex_apx.php, pgm-add_cart.php, pgm-get_password.php, pgm-write_review.php, get_login.php, pgm-blog_display.php, pgm-cal-system.php, pgm-promo_boxes.php, pgm-secure_remember.php, edit_event.php, add_event.php, and security_create_user.php
Global Setting [change/tweak] FTP Connection infoCan now specify FTP port.

Pro v4.9.4 r2 (Jun 1st 2012)

Photo Album [bug fix] Parse error shows on some Photo Album pages.

Pro v4.9.4 r1 (May 24th 2012)

Traffic Statistics [bug fix] Fixed issue where not all years where displaying in stats.
[new feature] New Google Tools module makes it easy to add Google Analytics code and Google Webmaster Tools verification to your website.

Pro v4.9.3 r56 (May 15th 2012)

Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed blog comment settings to allow or disallow commenting by category.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed problem where cart was allowing some abandoned/incomplete orders to send invoices to webmaster.

Pro v4.9.3 r55 (Apr 20th 2012)

Traffic Statistics [bug fix] Fixed problem where months were being reported multiple times under Unique Visitors view.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Fixed issue where last row of background/foreground color did not display in text editor.
Help Center [change/tweak] Changed help tutorial videos to be embedded instead of opening in a new window.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] error messages generalized so that hackers cannot use them to test credit card numbers.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Now compliant with Australian tax regulations that require VAT to be both displayed and included in the product price.
Webmaster [new feature] Added preference to choose whether to open PDF links directly in the browser, or prompt visitor to download the file.
Open Pages [new feature] Added new advanced option to quickly duplicate a page.

Pro v4.9.3 r54 (Feb 9th 2012)

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Search column search box can now hold unlimited characters (removed 15 char limit)
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed an issue where webforms would not submit if using captcha and Chrome.
Page Editor [bug fix] Improved Save As for Page Editor
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed character encoding for Payflow and Paypal payment methods.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Shipping will display as N/A for downloadable products on invoice for offline shipping.
Photo Albums [bug fix] Fixed problem where selecting Show All albums from the page editor would result in an error.
Member Logins [new feature] Added preference to turn Remember Me feature on/off.
Traffic Statistics [new feature] Added ability to Archive Traffic Statistics
Traffic Statistics [new feature] Added ability to Disable Logging of Traffic Statistics

Pro v4.9.3 r53 (Dec 14th 2011)

Database Table Manager [new feature] Added record count to each table.
eNewsletter [bug fix] Fixed problem where text preview in newsletter module produced a Forbidden error.
Database Tables [bug fix] Search & Replace now works on Shopping Cart's start.php page as well.
eNewsletter [bug fix] Enhanced unsubscribe functionality.
Event Calendar [bug fix] Changed year to text field.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed delete category function.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed blank newsletter problem affecting some mod_security servers .
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed problem where state tax options didn't calculate when the state field option was set to text field.

Pro v4.9.3 r52 (Sep 1st 2011)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixes invalid product error at checkout.

Pro v4.9.3 r51 (Aug 23rd 2011)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Dashes and underscores are stripped from customer email before sending invoice.
Page Editor [bug fix] Text boxes rendered inactive and unusable in Google Chrome.

Pro v4.9.3 r50 (Jul 21st 2011)

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added unique id tags to search column and content container to allow for easier CSS styling.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Removed SID from several internal links. This will help prevent duplicate content penalties from Google.

Pro v4.9.3 r49 (May 9th 2011)

Member Logins [bug fix] Added unique id to "please login message" html so it can be styled with CSS.
eNewsletter [bug fix] View counts not displaying.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Now capable of handling required checkboxes in attachment forms. Only apples to fully-custom forms, for now.
Page Editor [bug fix] Unable to edit text boxes after placing them on a page in Google Chrome.

Pro v4.9.3 r48 (Feb 23rd 2011)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed sanitization on db input.
Enewsletter [bug fix] Fixed bug that ensures all relative page links are corrected to the full link.
Enewsletter [new feature] Added routine to send test newsletter before sending to all recipients.

Pro v4.9.3 r47 (Nov 11th 2010)

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added additional email notification for nochex payment gateway purchases.
Forms Module [change/tweak] Added option to turn off the "from" header on form emails to the admin, for servers that require an on-server "from" address.

Pro v4.9.3 r46 (Jan 20th 2011)

FAQ Manager [change/tweak] Clicking a FAQ question now anchors properly instead of scrolling to the top of the page. (Fix courtesy of
Plugins [change/tweak] Added hooks to pgm-write_review.php and pgm-form_submit.php
Plugin Manager [change/tweak] Added ability to install plugins on servers that have the "exec" php function disabled. This is done by extracting uploading the unzipped plugin folder to the /sohoadmin/plugins/ directory using FTP .
Template Module [change/tweak] Added an option to select "no image" for the swappable image feature.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Changed default browse to include products not assigned to categories when displaying "All" products.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added option to sort shopping cart category display by categories in cart options.
Webmaster [change/tweak] Tweaked Website Mover Tool to work across a wider variety of browsers.
Database Table Manager [change/tweak] Changed the view/edit table data display to detect the webmaster charset setting (ut8).
Shopping Cart [bug fix] View Orders page breaks when using a shared ssl cert.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed bug when adding multiple items with price variations.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Shipping Options won't save.
Calendar [bug fix] fixed a bug causing events with a 12:00 am start or end time to not save properly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] fixed an email issue in the Nochex payment gateway.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed multiple shopping cart form issue.
Page Save As [bug fix] Fixed issue where page names with underscores "_" get created twice if saved in the "Save as" dialogue.
Forms Module [bug fix] Fixed bug limiting file upload forms to one file attachment when smtp email sending is disabled on the server.
Forms Module [bug fix] Fixed an issue caused by question marks in form field names.
Forms Module [bug fix] Added a diagnostic option to fix an issue where the webmaster would receive duplicate email notifications for every form submitted.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed a bug so that custom templates using a shopping_cart.css file now display the custom css properly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed a bug which caused products variations to result in $0.00 when certain plugins are installed.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed "Print Invoices" bug when viewing date rage specific invoices.
Enewsletter [bug fix] Fixed bug preventing user from changing certain newsletter preferences to blank.
Forms Module [new feature] Added option to include form verification on forms.

Pro v4.9.3 r45 (Oct 1st 2010)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Blank invoices occasionally sent to webmaster.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue where the policy links where not displaying correctly in the cart's search bar or on the customer login page.
Menu System [bug fix] Fixed an issue where the "SE0-Friendly page links" option caused secure pages to redirect to non-seo friendly urls.
Webmaster [change/tweak] Made the "Show 'Email my login info to me' option on log-in screen" option set to yes by default.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added Nochex Payment Gateway

Pro v4.9.3 r44 (Aug 24th 2010)

[bug fix] All .bak files removed from build files
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed image display bug for Firefox 3.6.9 when inserting images in the text editor
Promo Boxes [bug fix] Fixed promobox update routine so that additional promoboxes are not added.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issues with shopping cart tax adding problems.
Misc [new feature] added site wide ban by IP system

Pro v4.9.3 r43 (Jul 28th 2010)

[bug fix] Pages with Photo album are totally blank since updating to r42
Misc [change/tweak] Changed page saving routine so that utf-8 characters can be used in page names with seo-friendly page links turned on.

Pro v4.9.3 r42 (Jul 19th 2010)

[bug fix] Additional security patches.
Newsletter [new feature] Added more options to newsletter module.

Pro v4.9.3 r41 (Jul 12th 2010)

Security Fix [backend code change] This version contains an important security fix.
Web Forms [bug fix] When a form is submitted the email contents is now converted into UTF-8 if the server default is not already UTF-8 .
Text Editor [change/tweak] Changed download links to use pgm-download_media.php instead of direct link.
Misc [change/tweak] Change to create system tables routine to ensure that duplicate entries for PROMO_BOXES are not entered.

Pro v4.9.3 r40 (Jun 6th 2010)

[backend code change] Minor changes to ad system for free sites.

Pro v4.9.3 r39 (Jun 18th 2010)

Misc [backend code change] All lingering *.bak files removed from build.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Estonia Added to countries list.
Enewsletter [bug fix] Changed newsletter smtp settings so that they work across more restrictive servers.
Site Pages [change/tweak] Changed page name character stripping routine to be more multi-language friendly.
Custom Templates [change/tweak] #HMAINS#Added "current" class to link tag of currently-viewing page
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Added option to allow manual specification of image files for cart items for sites with more than 3000 images (circumvents stalling of edit products screen).
Shopping Cart [new feature] Display SettingsCan now add custom message to final invoice display

Pro v4.9.3 r38 (May 13th 2010)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed bug in shopping cart search column so that form data is passed when from the search bar checkout button.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed bug in shopping cart search feature that displayed a previous button on the first results page.
End Website [change/tweak] Re-included prototype JavaScript library.
Blog Manager [change/tweak] Text editor now stretches correctly in both IE and firefox.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Added a php mail check-safe to forms with file upload fields in-case smtp-mail fails.

Pro v4.9.3 r37 (May 5th 2010)

Blog Manager [bug fix] Fixed mysql insert error when creating new blogs
Web Forms [bug fix] Email is blank when using a custom response file
Site Templates [change/tweak] Changed default template to ProfessionalCutting Edge .
Quick-Start Wizard [change/tweak] Removed template selection step from quick-start wizard.
Pages [change/tweak] Ampersands replaced with "and" in page names now, instead of being stripped entirely.
Custom templates [change/tweak] "current" class added to #HMAINS# so you can style the current menu item like you can with vmenu_main_on

Pro v4.9.3 r36 (Apr 9th 2010)

Webmaster [change/tweak] The webmaster password can now be changed without having to re-enter the username if the username is not to be changed.
addons licensing [change/tweak] Addons licensing results are now stored in the session to prevent unnecessary and time-exhaustive calls.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] You can now technically use external images for cart items, but only if you put the urls directly into the cart_products table.
[change/tweak] Email To Friend feature completely removed from product. It was getting more far more attention from spammers than real visitors, and it was often abused, creating headaches all around.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Outdated Plugin Links feature removed from Page Editor dragn-and-drop objects.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Shopping Cart Object size doubled for convenience.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Text Editor Object size doubled for convenience.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] PaypalChange return URL so that it uses the same hostname that the user connected with rather than forcing the this_ip value.
Site Pages [bug fix] Fixed an issue where renaming pages with illegal characters resulted in lost content.
Newsletter [bug fix] Fixed an issue where anchors where not behaving correctly in emails.
Open/Edit Pages [bug fix] Force delete page feature works more reliably now, regardless of what characters are used in the page name.

Pro v4.9.3 r35 (Mar 24th 2010)

Install Plugin [bug fix] FIXED: I get an error when I try to upload my plugin zip file (that I've downloaded multiple times).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Adjusted to handle PayPal's recent IPN changes, which were giving some people errors.
Blogs [bug fix] Security fix.
Open/Edit Pages [change/tweak] Removed drop-down box at the top that allows you set the default home page (too many people were getting confused and treating it like an edit page drop-down). Moved this setting to the Webmaster Menu and added link below page name in Open/Edit pages.

Pro v4.9.3 r34 (Mar 15th 2010)

BLOG [bug fix] Now stripping all html tags from blog posts.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Invoice from first purchase shows up for second purchase (if second purchase made within the same session).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Product keyword field is now unlimited.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Error 33 when trying to check out with
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Cannot save Display Settings on new site when business address or company name has an apostrophe in it.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] The "email to a friend" feature is now impossible for spammers to abuse if you turn it off in Shopping CartDisplay Settings.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [change/tweak] When viewing a blog article, #pagetitle# is now replaced with the title of the blog.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Add/Edit ProductsCategory and Attachment page lists now alphabetized.
Email A Friend [new feature] Added spam check to pgm-email_friend.php so that emails are not sent if the feature is being abused from an IP .
SHOPPING CART [new feature] write a reviewAdded spam check to pgm-write_review.php so that nothing happens if the feature is being abused from an IP.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] email a friend featureAdded spam check to shopping/pgm-email_friend.php so that emails are not sent if the feature is being abused from an IP.

Pro v4.9.3 r33 (Nov 19th 2009)

Contact Us [bug fix] 'From' address now displays the email address of the sender instead of the server address
Blog [bug fix] Display order of posts now factors in time posted, not just date
Photo Albums [bug fix] Added photo-caption class around caption text so template developers can style it more easily.
Webmaster [bug fix] Improved Hebrew Support
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Tax rates not applying to territories like Puerto Rico
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Payment OptionsCannot save anything.
Database Search [bug fix] Always throws file upload error. Note: if you have search with this problem, you'll need to build a new search to get the fix.
Web Forms [bug fix] Fixed problem where "from" email address was the server default email instead of the visitor's email.

Pro v4.9.3 r32 (Nov 10th 2009)

Site Templates [change/tweak] Templates now display in order. Folders in the site_templates/pages/ folder only show up in the site templates drop-down if they contain an index.html, news.html, cart.html, or home.html file.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed Preview page button so that admin window reloads properly.
[bug fix] Popup window keeps defaulting to home page.
[bug fix] Fixed minor issue causing some shopping cart plugins to get a blank screen under certain checkout configurations (double inclusion of db_string_format function).
Shopping Cart [bug fix] PaypalWill detect https certificate if available and come back to secure url after payment/cancellation.
Shopping Cart [new feature] PaypalTest Mode option now supports "conditional" mode where the cart will automatically go into test mode if coming from your own IP, but stay in live mode for normal site visitors.

Pro v4.9.3 r31 (Oct 21st 2009)

Web Forms [bug fix] Anti-SpamAll standard forms (e.g., shopping cart product comments) now pick up on the "block submissions with links in them" preference set in the Web Forms module.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Security patch
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Receiving blank invoices when hackers try to spam my cart.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] PayPalSandbox test mode fixed.
Member Login [bug fix] Fixed several issues related to auto-emailing of member login info when a secure user account is created.
Calendar [new feature] Added event-container, event-title, and event-time span elements to calendar event data so you can control the appearance more precisely with your template's custom.css file.

Pro v4.9.3 r30 (Oct 6th 2009)

Page Editor [bug fix] My ImagesUploadCannot upload images larger than 1MB, even when server settings permit
[change/tweak] New anti-spam routines added to several shopping cart features; should cut back on spamming significantly.
[new feature] Added mp4 files to whitelist (so you can upload them and drop them on pages as audio files now).

Pro v4.9.3 r29 (Sep 15th 2009)

[bug fix] Worked around php bug causing fatal error in the language file on some servers running php 5.2.10.
Photo Albums [bug fix] Blank screen when two or more photo albums are dropped on a page.
Software Updates [bug fix] Can now auto-install software version updates on servers with allow_url_fopen disabled (as long as cURL is installed on the server).
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Shipping Policy links in add cart, checkout step one, and search column now will not show when shipping information is disabled via Display Settings.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Shipping policy link displays even though policy text is blank.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Returns & Exchanges policy link displays even though policy text is blank.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Display settingsMore information link preference will not save
[bug fix] Blog doesn't work on sites using templates built with the old template builder (note that the "old" template builder I'm talking about was replaced 2+ years ago with the current template builder).
Shopping Cart [bug fix] View InvoicesKeyword search improved (no longer case-sensitive on single word keyword searches)
Forms Library [bug fix] Redirect page does not work. No matter which page you select it defaults to something else next time you open the page.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Billing/Shipping infoState drop-down fields now default to "Please select state...".

Pro v4.9.3 r28 (Aug 27th 2009)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Enter/Edit ProductsFixed crucial r27 bug where you would just get a blank white screen when trying to edit one of your shopping cart items.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Shipping Policy now hidden when "disable shipping option" is set in Display Settings.

Pro v4.9.3 r27 (Aug 26th 2009)

[bug fix] Fixed issue causing website display alteration after upgrading to r26 (e.g., font gets bigger, a header breaks...stuff like that).
Menu Navigation [bug fix] Cannot add external links when certain plugins are installed.
Page Editor [bug fix] Documents drop-downs are now correctly alphabetized.
Page Editor [bug fix] Apostrophes prevent Page Properties data from updating on page save.
Photo Album [bug fix] Album switching does not work.
Search Engine Ranking [change/tweak] Removed keyword stuffing feature that puts all your site's keywords in a comment tag in the page source. Our SEO experts have advised us that remove this will help search rankings and prevent black listing.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Browse ProductsCss classes "related_products", "browse_categories", and "category_list" added to product sku listing and search column, respectively, so that template developers/tweakers can have greater control (via your template's custom.css) over the way the shopping cart looks on your website.

Pro v4.9.3 r26 (Aug 11th 2009)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed issue hindering shopping cart pages form being indexed by Search Engines.
Backup/Restore [bug fix] Security fix prevents unwanted downloading of backups on some servers.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Estonia Added to countries list.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Tax Rate OptionsAdded preference option that lets you display international taxes as either VAT or GST on customer-facing invoice.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Added InternetSecure payment gateway.
Member Login [new feature] Added logout link to little square that has Manage Account button on it.

Pro v4.9.3 r25 (Jun 30th 2009)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] CheckoutInnovative GatewayCannot get past credit card form. Submit button doesn't seem to do anything when clicked.
Email Friend [bug fix] Feature changed so that it will only allow sending to one address at a time (should cut down on spam hijacking significantly).
Photo Album [bug fix] Security Fix.
Drop Video on Page [bug fix] Video does not show (popup is blank)
Backup/Restore [bug fix] Added preference to enable direct download of backup files (for those servers that are having trouble with the current download method). You can see the new link in Backup/Restore..."Click here if you are having trouble downloading backup files"
Webmaster [bug fix] Global SettingsOther options disappear momentarily when you turn Main Menu shortcuts off.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Checkout with Payments ExpressAdded requisite Payments Express logo and privacy policy to the payment step.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Display SettingsCan now turn More Information link on/off for all cases or let it behave like it does by default (only showing for products with detail pages).
Web Forms [new feature] New spam filter lets you block messages that contain more than one http:// url. You can also write a custom message to be displayed to those visitors whose submissions are flagged as spam and blocked.
Member Logins [new feature] Added new feature that allows you to email members their login information. You can also customize the email message that get sent out. You can send the email as-needed by pushing a button or have it automatically send out when each new member is created.

Pro v4.9.3 r24 (Jun 12th 2009)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Billing/Shipping InfoCannot get past billing/shipping form in Internet Explorer

Pro v4.9.3 r23 (Jun 9th 2009)

Quickstart Wizard [bug fix] Template browsing step shows fatal error

Pro v4.9.3 r22 (Jun 4th 2009)

[bug fix] Quickstart wizard will not go away and cannot be skipped.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Customer Billing Info stepFixed problem where valid state would not be recognized.

Pro v4.9.3 r21 (Apr 28th 2009)

Backend Architecture [backend code change] $() javascript function removed from site_javascript.php
Text Editor [bug fix] Fixed an issue causing the "add fonts" feature to not work on some servers.
Calendar [bug fix] When editing an record that is supposed to have no start/end time, the time keeps changing to "1:00am-1:00am" after record is edited.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Edit ProductAdvanced TabI assign a detail attachment page to the product but it doesn't stick when I go back to edit it and does not function on the site...only happens with long page names (longer than 30 chars).
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Payment OptionsI select "cheque" but the setting doesn't stick after I save my settings.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Product CommentsNo "approve this" link/button appears in the email that gets sent to the site admin when a new product comment is submitted.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Template logo image doesn't show up on shopping cart pages until you've viewed another site page.
Custom Templates [bug fix] Template ImagesCannot swap out images in news article templates.
[bug fix] Functions that automatically set correct permissions after software updates and plugin installations now correctly detect FastCGI server environments.
Edit Pages [bug fix] Norwegian characters now allowed in page names without breaking save as and page renaming.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Add product commentsThere's no approval link in the email that gets sent to the site admin, and hence no way to approve product comments.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Blog StylesWhen styles are saved it screws everything up and puts "rn" everwhere.
Other [bug fix] File Download security Patch
Photo Album [bug fix] Photo Album security patch.
Webmaster [change/tweak] Global SettingsFTP connection check function now uses root of current website address instead of config file address. This should be a bit more reliable.
Page Editor [change/tweak] Photo AlbumsCan now click on the label or the radio when selecting whether to show all albums or just the selected album (minuscule convenience tweak but they add up!).
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] View Online Orders/InvoicesRadios now auto-select when you choose a date-dropdown or click the fields to specify an order number range. Saves you a click.
Download File/Document object [change/tweak] Now links straight to file itself for files larger than 15mb and PDF files (this way pdf files open immediately, and fixes a problem with bigger files not downloading).
Database Table Manager [change/tweak] Search function now case-insensitive even on blob fields.

Pro v4.9.3 r20 (Jan 9th 2009)

Menu System [new feature] Added ability to change menu system to use S.E.O. friendly menu links.

Pro v4.9.3 r19 (Jan 7th 2009)

Plugins [bug fix] Fixed an issue where Windows Servers could not install plugins if their docroot contained a space.
Database Tables [bug fix] Change Database Tables Display so that deleted tables no longer remain in the "recent tables" section.
Webmaster [new feature] Added new feature to Webmaster menu that allows the Webmaster to change the site's URL. *This will effect the site's licensing if the site is changed to an unlicensed URL.
Database Tables [new feature] Added new feature to create and import a table from a .CSV file.
Template Boxes [change/tweak] Changed template boxes feature so that nothing displays if there are no blog entries.
File Manager [change/tweak] Changed file manager so that unknown file types can be uploaded.
Database Tables [change/tweak] Fixed Database TableDelete Database dropdown so that all USER tables are at the top of the dropdown.
Site Stats [change/tweak] Fixed an issue where the stats by hour was incorrect when there where multiple entries for that hour.

Pro v4.9.3 r18 (Dec 11th 2008)

Database Table Search [bug fix] Selecting a value from only one dropdown box shows all records on results page.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Checkout goes blank when taxed state is selected.
Text Editor [change/tweak] Reverted text editor back so that the "enter" key creates a paragraph tag, and shift+enter creates a line break.
Database Tables [change/tweak] Changed export .CSV functionality so that the generated .CSV file can now be opened with excel instead of the old import method.
Custom Templates [change/tweak] Email to FriendAdded "textfield" css class to message box
Custom Templates [change/tweak] Shopping CartAdd to cart screenAdded "textfield" class to quantity fields.
Newsletter [change/tweak] Fixed an issue where some style sheets where not being applied when the newsletter was sent.
Newsletter [change/tweak] Changed all previews to be more accurate of final newsletter.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Fixed an issue where multiple business notification addresses caused the notification email not send to the webmaster when new purchases where made.

Pro v4.9.3 r17 (Oct 30th 2008)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Checkout goes blank when selecting state for billing address that has tax rule defined for it.

Pro v4.9.3 r16 (Oct 6th 2008)

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Customer CommentsAll customer cart comments are now stored in the cart_comments database table. Current comments will be imported to new system automatically after updating.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Custom form attachmentsChanged custom form information to 12px font size.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Billing InfoChanged Billing info so that it no longer changes the case of the address fields.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] PaypalUpdated Paypal return to comply with updated paypal return structure.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] email a friendChanged mail code to be more accepting of different server environments.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] search productsFixed issue where the products search keywords field was not being search with case insensitivity on some versions of mysql.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Customer Commentshanged mail code to be more accepting of different server environments.encodes.
Page Editor [bug fix] Custom Code ObjectFixed issue where custom code editor was improperly interpreting base64 encodes.

Pro v4.9.3 r15 (Oct 1st 2008)

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Customer CommentsAll customer cart comments are now stored in the cart_comments database table. Current comments will be imported to new system automatically after updating.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] PaypalUpdated Paypal return to comply with updated paypal return structure.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] email a friendChanged mail code to be more accepting of different server environments.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] search productsFixed issue where the products search keywords field was not being search with case insensitivity on some versions of mysql.
Page Editor [bug fix] Custom Code ObjectFixed issue where custom code editor was improperly interpreting base64 encodes.

Pro v4.9.3 r14 (Sep 16th 2008)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed a bug where the billing and shipping country where not reselecting to the selected values when end site user edits billing/shipping country..
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Fixed an issue causing email not to send on some servers.
Page Editor [bug fix] Text EditorThe enter key will now produce line breaks instead of paragraph tags in wysiwyg mode.
Secure Users [bug fix] Fixed bug in secure user account management that caused incorrect user info to be updated on update.
Custom Templates [bug fix] BIZ-PHONE & BIZ-ADDRESS pound variables don't work sometimes on shopping cart pages.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Display SettingsSettings do not appear to be saved when using Internet Explorer on some servers. Changes take affect, but saved settings are not reflected when re-visiting Display Settings after a save.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Payment OptionsCan now choose to disable the post-sale email notifications to webmaster and client for Check/Money Order purchases.

Pro v4.9.3 r13 (Sep 2nd 2008)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] CheckoutOn initial product browse display not all products display (e.g., only 8 out of the intended 18 or 20 results it says it found). Plus, the results that do display are not properly sorted by price.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Business InformationFixed bug effecting some server that use magic quotes when using apostrophes.
Remote Templates [bug fix] Fixed bug so remote templates install correctly on windows servers.
Site Updates [bug fix] Fixed bug so that plugin errors no longer stop the update process.
Database Table Manager [bug fix] User can now edit Real columns.
Event Calendar [bug fix] Event time starting/ending on n/a will now display n/a instead of 12:00.

Pro v4.9.3 r12 (Aug 29th 2008)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Shopping cart testing code taken out. Was displaying at bottom of final invoice.

Pro v4.9.3 r11 (Aug 27th 2008)

Database Tables [change/tweak] After editing a table entry, or deleting a table row in the "view edit records" section, the display returns that last display, rather than defaulting to the first entry.
Page Editor [change/tweak] You can now edit custom code objects that have been dropped in the page editor.
Blog [bug fix] Blog on home page would not post comments correctly.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where text boxes in page editor cells would disappear in IE.
Template Manager [bug fix] Fixed issue so files in the /sohoadmin/program/modules/site_templates/pages/ directory no longer show up in the template selection.
Database Tables [bug fix] Fixed issue that was causing page editor to stall on firefox after site updates.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed Windows form issue when resaving default forms on pages.

Pro v4.9.3 r10 (Aug 13th 2008)


Pro v4.9.3 r9 (Aug 12th 2008)

Several new hook locations (for plugin developers) added throughout website-side shopping cart files. Especially [new plugin hook] pgm-add_cart.php and pgm-more_information.php
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Paypal Payflow LinkUpdated the Paypal payflow link to post to new url. see

Pro v4.9.3 r8 (Aug 6th 2008)

Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed Form Drop issue that affected some Windows servers.
Database Tables [bug fix] Fixed Database table search to work with lower-case table names.
Backup/Restore [change/tweak] Added note to interface notifying Users who have exec disabled that the backup/restore feature will not work.
Help Center [change/tweak] DiagnosticDisabled php functions now display in Server Settings area if there are any.
Web Site Wizard [change/tweak] Updated all parts of wizard. Revamped template selection step.
Blog Comments [change/tweak] Fixed issue on windows servers where BLOG_COMMENTS table would not be recognized and error would display.
Blog Comments [change/tweak] Email sent out when a comment is posted now displays correctly in text only email clients (web mail).
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Paypoint USAFixed blank screen issue. (missing function)

Pro v4.9.3 r7 (Jun 18th 2008)

Database Table Import [change/tweak] :semi: now replaced correctly with ; when updating records.
Secure Login [change/tweak] Changed post for pgm-secure_login.php to relative path.
Cart Invoices [change/tweak] Changed invoice date search to drop-downs.
Media Files [new feature] Added support for .m4a files.
Browse Templates [new feature] Now browse and install any free template from the addons website. Access from "Browse Templates" rollover for Template Manager (Main Menu) and "Browse Our Template Archive" within the Template Manager.

Pro v4.9.3 r6 (May 28th 2008)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Form attachments with required upload fields no longer break process.
Template Builder [bug fix] Fixed a few issues with template output breaking.
SECURITY [bug fix] Unstable script file located and removed. Upgrading to this version will search for this file on your site and remove it if found.

Pro v4.9.3 r5 (May 22nd 2008)

Database Table Search [bug fix] Issue with dropdown search returning all results.
Calendar [bug fix] Leap year fix added.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Billing/shipping form will not allow visitors past if they specify full state name instead of two-letter state abbreviation.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Cart StylesIssue with templates using shopping_cart.css in tCustom folder fixed.
Database Table Search [bug fix] Fixed problem where searches using dropdowns return all results.
Page Editor [bug fix] Fixed issue where dropped page objects would not display.
Plugins [bug fix] Fixed hook_replace issue where replacements would not get added.
Template Images [bug fix] cart.html template files not detected.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] More Information pageExtra imagesFullsize image that pops-up on mouseover is now vertically offset by 1/3 the image height so that large (read: tall) images don't get cut off at the bottom of the window.
New Templates [new feature] Added 35+ templates.

Pro v4.9.3 r4 (Apr 17th 2008)

Form Verification [bug fix] Fixed problem with instant required field checking on submit.
Menu Navigation [bug fix] Fixed problem with opening external links in a new window.

Pro v4.9.3 r3 (Mar 21st 2008)

Page Editor [change/tweak] Loads large pages faster and more efficiently.

Pro v4.9.3 r2 (Mar 21st 2008)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] Now when you attach a form to a cart sku you can have upload fields and they work.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Display SettingsAdded a new layout display option available for cart products that have price variations.
Shopping Cart [new feature] View InvoicesCan now view a complete detailed list of all the form details submitted.

Pro v4.9.3 r1 (Mar 19th 2008)

[backend code change] Page editor will reload on first v4.9.3 to apply new css styles.
[backend code change] Page content is placed into tables on the site for organization, all table cells now have classes depending on their width. 100percent, 66percent, 50percent and 33percent.
Multi-User Access [bug fix] The website mover tool now only displays for users with backup/restore and webmaster privileges. Also various other changes made to make secure users stay in authorized areas only.
Forms [bug fix] Issue with underscores in visitor email fixed.
Blog [bug fix] Blog will now sort multiple posts on a single day with the latest post first.
Text Editor [bug fix] Template styles no longer pulled from custom.css and applied to content in editor. Has proved to be problematic.
Page Editor [bug fix] File drop downs for images, documents, custom code, audio and video will now pull/display all files correctly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Shopping cart template selection will now pull/display the current template correctly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] More information link now goes to correct place on page in all browsers.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Products will now sort correctly by unit price when selected.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] When viewing cart invoices, a date range search now returns the correct orders.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Confirmation email now displays downloads correctly when a product requires it.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Pay by check/cheque, VeriSign logo and PayPal log all display correctly even with no CC images selected.
eNewsletter [change/tweak] Cart items in eNewsletter now link correctly to product page.
Site Stats [change/tweak] Better recording guidelines for Top 25 stats.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Shipping Options table now created when user hits Shipping Options.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Delete table now displays table name correctly in confirm box and returns user to new Database Table Manager.

Pro v4.9.3 BETA 4

Guestbook Include [bug fix] Breaks (with error) when visitor uses apostrophes in name, message, etc.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Ability to turn off shipping input for sites that do not require shipping information.
Page Editor [new feature] FormsNew forms dropped on the page now have the option to edit the settings. Only new forms have this option, old form objects cannot be edited.

Pro v4.9.3 BETA 3

Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Orders processed with offline credit card will now send the first half of the card number and security code to the notification address set in Shopping CartBusiness Information for security purposes. The last half of the card number will be displayed in the invoice as always.
Blog [new feature] Blog StylesGives webmaster the ability to edit blog display styles through admin panel.
Blog [new feature] Blog Comment SystemGives webmaster the ability to approve/deny/delete comments. Also enable/disable comments and captcha.

Pro v4.9.3 BETA 1

Host Config Options [bug fix] Remote template library file defined in Branding Controls does not download and extract upon first install as expected.
Webmaster [bug fix] Administrative LoginsEdit UserCheckbox option to give access to all site pages only works if you click on label, not if you click on checkbox itself. Option also does not re-check itself when user is edited later.
Global defaults do not get applied. Problems this causes [bug fix] SitePal feature missing, Tutorials not available in help center, and Get More Plugins link goes to "http://".
Site Statistics [bug fix] http:// spam links show up in Top 25 pages list.
Text Editor [bug fix] Text color/Text background color web safe and named color pallets fixed.
Text Editor [bug fix] Links/Anchors link to incorrect path when saved in IE.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Text editor styles now pull from site base template.
Blog Manager [bug fix] Category drop down boxes show through editor in IE.
eNewsletter [bug fix] #name# only pulls first records name from database.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] #BOX# variables not displaying when using cart.html.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Tax by billing/shipping not working correctly.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Tax rate drop down options stuck on initial values.
Event Calendar [change/tweak] Updated display in admin.
Photo Albums [change/tweak] Next/Prev buttons will now bring user back to album just like photo links.
Custom Templates [change/tweak] Added content-parent id to parent table outputted by Page Editor so content area data can be more easily controlled via css.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] View InvoicesAdded "Show incomplete?" option to invoice search form so you can locate and review invoices from "incomplete" orders if neccessary.
Menu System [change/tweak] Added New Manage Custom Links area to Auto-Menu System including open link in new window option.
Text Editor [new feature] Ability to upload files (button on bottom row).
Page Editor [new feature] Many new features added. Ability to move individual items to and from cells, as well as delete individual items. Drag an item to the trash can to delete! Updated visual display to show all items in each cell by expanding.

Pro v4.9.2 r17 (Oct 9th 2007)

Web Forms [change/tweak] Ability to notify multiple email addresses when form is submitted.
Backup/Restore [bug fix] Fix for backup action on Windows servers.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] CheckoutCredit Card form just refreshes after submit and does not process card.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Email a friend page links not working right.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Tax Rate Options gets stuck on Alberta.
Shopping Cart [new feature] View online orders/invoicesAdded checkbox option to view incomplete orders in search results.

Pro v4.9.2 r16 (Sep 12th 2007)

LOCALIZATION [bug fix] Updated Norwegian language file.

Pro v4.9.2 r15 (Sep 11th 2007)

SETUP FORM [bug fix] Updated wording of field labels for admin user/pass and database user/pass to better communicate "what does what".
Plugins [bug fix] place_object_js_function_name option to let you plugin have draggable object without requiring a properties dialog doesn't work anymore in v4.9.2 builds.
Web Forms [bug fix] Form StylesChanging font size setting breaks the font family setting.
Web Forms [bug fix] Server throws error about multiple simultaneous queries when typing title of a form field.
Web Forms [bug fix] Section headings would not reflect font setting on Form Styles tab.
Web Forms [bug fix] Section heading/notes would not save if apostrophe used in notes field.
Custom Templates [bug fix] var does not work properly on shopping cart page.
Menu System [bug fix] Pages with ? in name would not display on sub menus.
Site Templates [bug fix] User images would not work on shopping cart pages.
Page Editor [bug fix] Issue with page content cutting off fixed.
[bug fix] Website header text does not display on shopping cart pages when coming from search engine (e.g., Google).
Calendar [bug fix] Month ViewIf no end time is defined for an event the end time appears on the site as "12:00am". The Fix: Now displays "n/a" for end time if no end time defined for event.
[change/tweak] Image lists in various modules updated to display in alphabetical order.
[change/tweak] cart_products table OPTION_KEYWORDS field changed from blob to char.
Administrative Users [change/tweak] If Site Pal is not allowed in branding controls, Site Pal will not be an option to select when creating/editing a administrative user.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Edit FormAdded email icon next to auto-reply email fields to help differentiate them from normal text fields (i.e., in case you don't give it an obvious field title like "Email Address").
Web Forms [change/tweak] From StylesField labels now set to a default fixed width of 100px when form is first created (so all labels and all fields line up evenly on one vertical line).
Web Forms [change/tweak] Underscores in email response values now replaced with spaces.
Web Forms [change/tweak] Font size of instruction text (i.e., under headings) set to 1px bigger than whatever size you've set for regular field labels.
Web Forms [new feature] From StylesAdded option to change alignment of field label text.
eNewsletter [new feature] Can now include personalized greeting (e.g., "Hi [firstname]") by specifying which table field includes the firstname data when creating the newsletter campaign.

Pro v4.9.2 r14 (Jul 30th 2007)

WEBMASTER [new feature] Global SettingsAdded Dutch language support. Note to web hosts: must turn this option on in Partner AreaBranding controls first.
LICENSING [change/tweak] Error: Domain licensed but not for this serverDomain key reset toolNow automatically redirects back to Main Menu after domain key is reset.
PAGE EDITOR [change/tweak] Text EditorChanged color and text of cancel and save buttons so they can be more intuitively distinguished from each other.
PAGE EDITOR [change/tweak] Text EditorIn Internet Explorer, insert media would not function correctly.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Final Invoice pagePage bombs with "We were unable to email you a copy message" when customer email cannot send.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Final Invoice pageCustomer SOMETIMES does not get emailed a copy of his invoice because customer email address data is missing/blank when mail() command executes.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Final Invoice pageCustomer consistently (i.e., always) does not get emailed a copy of his invoice (Windows servers).
TEMPLATE BOXES [bug fix] Cannot change box settings (i.e., assigned content type and content source) for shopping cart and news article layouts.
TEMPLATE SETTINGS [bug fix] Header/slogan text"[company name] Coming Soon" displays on shopping cart pages when header/slogan text option in template settings is left blank. FIX: Now if you leave the field blank no header text will appear at all in the cart as it behaves on non-cart pages.
WEB FORMS [bug fix] Drop down boxes are empty (no options) on "required field missing" page that appears when visitor submits form but leaves out a required field.
MAIN MENU [bug fix] Link to unfinished/experimental remote template browsing feature removed.
HELP CENTER [bug fix] Users Manual button doesn't work when Tutorials section is directed via branding controls to an external site.

Pro v4.9.2 r13.5

BACKEND [backend code change] Client files now copied from master location to docroot location immediately after update is installed via Software Updates (as opposed to waiting until the next log-in).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Offline processingWebmaster gets emailed copy of receipt but customer doesn't.

Pro v4.9.2 r13 (Jul 3rd 2007)

PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Text EditorContent duplicates on save.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Checkout goes blank if new option to replace Home Page links with base url path is turned on in WebmasterSearch Engine Ranking.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Remember me option does not work sometimes if "skip billing form if already filled out" option is turned on in Display Settings.

Pro v4.9.2 r12 (Jun 29th 2007)

MEMBER LOGINS [bug fix] Parse error at pgm-secure_login.php
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] FormsTypo in default subject line ("Thank your for your inquiry").
QUICKSTART WIZARD [change/tweak] Added option to create Thank You page.

Pro v4.9.2 r11 (Jun 28th 2007)

MEMBER LOGINS [bug fix] Cannot create new member groups.

Pro v4.9.2 r10 (Jun 28th 2007)

CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] Shopping Cart pages#BIZ-FAX# not getting replaced.
[bug fix] 406 Error on log-in (mainly happened to Mac users in certain cases).
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Javascript error (about "") when drag-dropping a form onto a page (IE6 only).

Pro v4.9.2 r9 (Jun 28th 2007)

PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Text EditorMinor fixes to new fonts manager feature.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Misc fixes related to auto-pulling of css styles.

Pro v4.9.2 r8 (Jun 26th 2007)

15 Day Trial Sites [bug fix] Explination of AdSense added to trial expired popup.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Misc Page Editor bug fixes.
WEB FORMS [bug fix] HTML table tag is left open above generated form html at page display time causing page to break. Only happens when form is inserted via Internet Explorer.
PAGE EDITOR [new feature] Text EditorCan now add your own fonts.
WEBMASTER [new feature] Search Engine RankingAdded option to replace links in menu system to Home Page (or whatever start page is named) with domain root url to help prevent search engines from penalizing for duplicate content. Note that this setting will not have any affect on templates using customized pgm-auto_menu.php files.

Pro v4.9.2 r7 (Jun 19th 2007)

SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Add/Edit Product Sku takes forever to load if you have uploaded a ton of huge image files to your site.
CALENDAR [bug fix] Text and background color of day number does not match calendar header colors setup in Display Settings.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Table align property breaks preview when center.
BACKUP/RESTORE [bug fix] Will no longer bomb with "memory limit exceeded" error on servers that don't have a memory limit defined. On servers that do have a memory limit defined, the Backup/Restore feature now increases the server-imposed limit so that you can download backup files up to 500MB in size (up from 250MB in previous builds).
DATABASE TABLES [bug fix] Table does not appear on recent tables list after import action (as it does after View/Edit).
DATABASE TABLES [change/tweak] Import CSV DataImproved field/column name auto-matching routine.
DATABASE TABLES [new feature] Import CSV DataNew option to "leave existing field data alone" so you can import a csv file that only includes changed data for a couple fields and only those fields will by changed in the matching records...other existing field data not accounted for in csv will be untouched --- as opposed to usually when that field data would be overwritten with the Default Import Value (aka 'nothing'). Look for checkbox at bottom of screen below all of the field-csv-matching dropdowns in csv import step #2.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] PoliciesCan now change the title of the "Other Policies" block to whatever you want (e.g., "Terms and Conditions").

Pro v4.9.2 r6 (Jun 8th 2007)

WEB FORMS [bug fix] Email copy of submitted data is not sent to specified webmaster address (yet autoreply to customer sends successfully).
WEB FORMS [bug fix] Form disappears after dropping it on a page and saving that page twice (Win/IIS servers only).
WEB FORMS [bug fix] Check box selections come through in auto-response email as "Array".
SEO [bug fix] Page-specific title does not override default site title text (i.e., as displayed on browser tab/window) if page is set as a splash page (i.e., no template).
ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Update available icon in footer still appears when non-webmaster user is logged-in, allowing that user to access the webmaster menu by clicking the update icon and getting into Software Updates.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Display SettingsDefault/Local CountriesFixed IE-specific problem where country dropdown would be blank by default at checkout. Also renamed to "Limit country options?" to better communicate the function and purpose of the feature.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Add/Edit ProductsProduct ImagesIf no image is set for thumbnail or fullsize image the image preview still tries to display just with no information and a broken image preview.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Shipping calculationFixed issue with charge shipping by sub-total to account for user on step 1 of checkout, logged in as a existing customer.. and in display settings selected yes for the "Skip billing/shipping info form if they've already filled it out" setting :)
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] Added ID=emailtofriend attribute to <div> containing "Email this page to a friend" link so its style can be controlled via template's custom.css file.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Page PropertiesPage content is lost when renaming a page via Page Properties if new page name has a hyphen in it (e.g., renaming "Partner Solutions" to "Third-Party Solutions").
PAGE EDITOR [change/tweak] Link DialogIntegrated a more advanced link selection dialog.
WEB FORMS [change/tweak] Background color of "required field missing" page changed from red to white for sake of reducing eyestrain.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Tax Rate OptionsAdded "edit" and "delete" options next to each state/country tax rule to make things a bit easier/more intuitive.

Pro v4.9.2 r5 (May 31st 2007)

[backend code change] Soholaunch copyright updated throughout source code files.
Backup/Restore [bug fix] Cannot download backup file if it's bigger than 25MB.
Page Editor [bug fix] FormsClicking 'Put form on page' button does nothing. (ie7 specific issue)
Custom Templates [bug fix] #hmains# output is missing a </table> tag and thus breaks site display.
Photo Album [bug fix] Pictures do not display on certain Windows/IIS servers.
Menu Navigation [bug fix] Button colors do not appear in IE7
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Display SettingsCan't select cart style options in IE7.
Webmaster [change/tweak] Global SettingsFTP Info form moved below site preferences like default start page.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Product CategoriesNow if you're editing a category name only that category will appear on the list while you're editing it so you don't have to scroll down and find the edit box if you're editing a category that's farther down in your category list.
Page Editor [new feature] Text EditorTemporary/experimental implementation of automatic applying of inherited template styles to Text Editor window so it's true What You See Is What You Get.
HOSTOPS [new feature] FTP-info fields in WebmasterGlobal Settings can now be disabled via Branding Controls in the partner area for those who do not give their users with FTP access.

Pro v4.9.2 r4 (May 29th 2007)

Shopping Cart [bug fix] CheckoutPayPalDoes not redirect to PayPal automatically. Have to click the button.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] CheckoutBilling/Shipping info formStalls in an infinite redirect if "skip billing form and go to checkout" option is set to Yes in Display Options and submitted shipping state is invalid.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] More information pageDisplays "other images" gallery even though only thumb and fullsize are defined. Also shows one broken image under gallery.
Page Editor [bug fix] Custom CodeAll custom code now displays the same and cannot be edited.
Page Editor [bug fix] Documents objectNow detects when you drop an Adobe PDF file on the page and treats it differently from a normal doc or xls (i.e., open instead of download on click, show pdf icon instead of download icon).
Photo Albums [bug fix] Clicking prev/next buttons now will return you to the album once the page loads.
Template Builder [bug fix] Template would not display at bottom due to php 5 compatibility issue (allow_url_include off)
Localization [change/tweak] New language string files now automatically detected to populate drop-down list of language options in WebmasterGlobal Settings. So all you have to do is upload your translated strings file and it'll be available as an option in Webmaster.
Web Forms [change/tweak] You don't have to save the page that the form is on after making changes to the form anymore. Had made this change previously but apparently it was overwritten and had to be re-done.
Multi User Access [change/tweak] File UploadsUsers without access to the file manager no longer have ability to upload files through page editor (header), text editr (image/media insert) and various drop layers such as images, documents, custom code, audio and video.
Template Builder [change/tweak] Added a hex input box to step 3 which allows you to input your own background color.
Web Forms [new feature] Edit FormField PropertiesStyle and FormattingField label positionAdded new "Hidden" option for cases like checkbox groups introduced by section headings where displaying a separate field title for each group is unnecessary/undesired.

Pro v4.9.2 r3 (May 4th 2007)

Custom Templates [bug fix] Template Images_userimg's are not replaced in index.html template layout if _userimg calls appear after #content# in template html file.
Page Editor [bug fix] Addons toggle button brings up broken/empty object bar instead of plugin objects bar in Internet Explorer if SitePal is disabled.
Page Editor [bug fix] Drag and Drop action significantly smoother now than it has ever been in FireFox and much better in IE than it has been in previous v4.9.2 builds.
Template Boxes [bug fix] Website display breaks if template box is set to show latest entry only.
Template Manager [bug fix] Template BoxesCannot save box content setting -- save button does not appear.
eNewsletter [bug fix] "PGM-REALTIME-BUILDER ==> START PAGE CONTENT..." html comment tag will no longer appear in newsletter content viewed from text-only email apps (i.e., when viewing on a mobile phone).
Page Editor [change/tweak] Updated button that toggles display of plugin feature objects to differentiate appearance from drag-able objects.
Custom Templates [change/tweak] Database Search FromAdded db_searchform id attribute to form tag so search form display can be more easily controlled via custom.css.

Pro v4.9.2 r2 (May 4th 2007)

Page Editor [bug fix] Hit Counter object won't drag.
Page Editor [bug fix] Move cursor does not appear when dragging objects if SitePal feature is enabled.
Page Editor [bug fix] Text Editor object breaks Page Editor when trying to drop a Text Editor into a grid square if SitePal features have been disabled.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] CheckoutBroken PHP source code displays around customer invoice.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] CheckoutPayPalCleaned up look and feel of transition page that displays as visitor is being redirected to PayPal's website to complete payment.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Email To FriendCan now have custom email template by uploading a emailtofriend_template.html file to your site.

Pro v4.9.2 r1 (May 4th 2007)

Member Logins [bug fix] When member logs-in and clicks "Manage Account" his information is not retrieved.
Member Logins [bug fix] When a member logs-in and edits his information it changes the information for ALL members.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Email Product to a FriendSome links don't function in email that gets sent to friend.
eNewsletter [bug fix] Absolute URL path stripped out of links that point back to originating website (i.e., website where newsletter is sent from), breaking the link.
Event Calendar [bug fix] Month view displayRemoved black border from empty ("dead") day squares at beginning and end of month so they now have the same border as all the other day squares.
SitePal [bug fix] Dragging scene onto page via the Page EditorWidth and height are reversed when character is displayed on end website.
Custom Templates [change/tweak] Made Event Calendar month view display more controllable via custom.css by adding a unique id tag to the parent table ("calendar_monthview"), changing the column headings to <th> elements, and adding a special class to control blank squares at beginning and end of month view (class="dead_daysquare").
Custom Templates [change/tweak] Added unique id tag (id="login_box") to secure user login form so it can be styled via custom.css (i.e., via #login_box).
Web Forms [change/tweak] Edit FormAdd Field dialogAdded text "For auto-reply" below "Email Address" to better communicate what that field type does.
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Tax Rate OptionsOption to calculate tax based on order total INCLUDING shipping charges (as opposed to subtotal before shipping charges) now works with country-based tax rules as well as state-based tax rules.
Member Logins [change/tweak] Edit User dropdown now jumpts to edit screen as soon as you select a user -- instead of having to select a user and then click an edit button. So it saves you a click.
Template Boxes [new feature] Added display option to show one blog entry selected at random (e.g., for showing special promotions and such).
Page Editor / Blog Manager [new feature] All new Text Editor! Over 60% faster loading than the old one.

Pro v4.9.1 r7

BACKEND [backend code change] toggle_checkbox() from js_functions.php copied to site_javascript.php
Website Display [bug fix] Logo image does not appear in template when site is first loaded, but appears after page is refreshed or link is clicked.
Administrative Users [bug fix] Assign access rights for individual plugins not effective -- user cannot access them even if access is given via Webmaster.
Administrative Users [bug fix] Cannot assign editing rights to pages that contain a plus sign in their name.
Administrative Users [bug fix] Disabling access to SitePal feature is not effective. Admin user can still access it.
Administrative Users [bug fix] Module icon images are broken.
Administrative Users [bug fix] Cannot give access to Database Tables, Event Calendar
Administrative Users [bug fix] Main MenuText under File Manager icon is still black as if enabled even though it's disabled.
Web Form Builder [bug fix] Leading/trailing underscore on column names in database table created by form submit.
Web Form Builder [bug fix] Form will not create database table on submit if it contains long field names.
Web Form Builder [bug fix] Save As.. works but only after refresh. Initially displays with no fields.
eNewsletter [change/tweak] Campaign ManagerList of SENT campaigns now ordered with most recent at the top.
Administrative Users [change/tweak] Page Editing rightsCan now click on page name text as well as check box itself to check/un-check a page right.
Web Form Builder [new feature] Form Styles tabAdded options for font family and font size.
Administrative Users [new feature] Added access rights controls for Help Center, Manage Plugins, Webmaster.
Administrative Users [new feature] Added option to give admin user access to edit all pages, present and future.
Webmaster Menu [new feature] Added preference setting to choose whether F2 login shortcut opens sitebuilder in new browser window or layer on top of website.

Pro v4.91 r6

SitePal [bug fix] Further fixes for problem of being able to drag a scene onto a page but nothing displays on the end website.
SitePal [bug fix] Template Character BehaviorDefault rule now applies to start/home page defined in WebmasterGlobal Settings (as in, when visitor first hits website).
SitePal [bug fix] Template Character BehaviorNo default rule defined.
SitePal [change/tweak] Template Character BehaviorView page rulesThumbnail preview is now proportional to actual width and height settings for better visual representation.

Pro v4.91 r5

Page Editor [bug fix] Takes forever to load and/or can't drag-and-drop if large video files have been uploaded to site.
Menu Navigation [bug fix] Website displayExternal links don't work in footer text menu.

Pro v4.91 r4

Webmaster [change/tweak] Global SettingsMoved business information fields to dedicated Business Info feature (also added Business Info button to get to this feature).
Database Table Manager [change/tweak] Column titles are now left-aligned so they can still be seen when a field with a lot of data in it stretches beyond the right edge of your screen.
Webmaster [new feature] Global SettingsAdded place to specify FTP login info so that the sitebuilder can perform various advanced tasks like automatically fixing permissions problems (using the Fix Permissions tool found in the Help Center feature).
Help Center [new feature] DiagnosticsAdded "Fix my permissions" tool.
Database Table Manager [new feature] Added "Format serialized array data" display option for advanced users and php developers.

Pro v4.91 r3

Host Branding Controls [bug fix] Branding not applied to domain when running from temporary address like <nowiki>
[bug fix] Site goes blank until refresh when linking a menu item to pgm-secure_login.php page.
Forms Manager 2.0 [bug fix] Database creation on submit fails of form contains field whose title/label text is longer than 64 characters.
Custom Templates [bug fix] Calendar month view displayBackground color of day squares now defaults to transparent. Added day_square class to allow cusomization via custom.css.
Custom Templates [bug fix] #BIZ-FAX# should work consistently now.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] CheckoutState tax calculationState tax rate is not applied even though billing state matches state listed with rate in Tax Rate Options.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Payment OptionsSelecting a custom payment gateway file will now override any other payments options selected to process directly on the website.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Product quantity in cart would go blank if adding more than in stock.
Template Builder [bug fix] Fixed issue where window size did not change when opening Template Builder.
SitePal [bug fix] Empty scenes showing in dropdown and thumbnails broken when dragging sitepal onto page via Page Editor in Internet Explorer.
SitePal [bug fix] Can't add new characters to pages (can drop them but they appear broken on site).
SitePal [bug fix] Now shows as disabled if all full-version features are not enabled (instead of not showing up at all)
SiteBuilder Login [bug fix] When logging-in via F2 shortcut you can now click links on website behind admin tool window.
Web Form Builder [bug fix] Submitted data cuts off after 250 characters.
Event Calendar [bug fix] Goes straight to Display Settings when clicking calendar button on main menu and will not save.
Plugin Developers [change/tweak] Can now hook into the page editor without having to have a properties dialog for your draggable object. Just don't specify a value for properties_dialog_id in your install manifest when you call the page editor special hook.
Database Table Manager [change/tweak] Resolved a few small link issues (linking to old database_tables.php, should be download_data.php) and cleaned up the look of a couple related scripts such as Create Table, Create Search Form and Delete Table. Batch Authenticate Users was also missing.

Pro v4.91 r2

SitePal [bug fix] Fixed issue where sitepal db tables weren't getting created on initial setup.
SitePal [change/tweak] Can give accounts a title/name when first adding them nowas well as when editing (before it was just when editing)

Pro v4.91 r1 (Mar 27th 2007)

Localization [bug fix] Fixed login screen so that language setting is detected and translations applied without having to reload page.
Temporary Domain Setup [bug fix] Various bug fixes and improvements to domain autoresolve functionality.
Security Patch [bug fix] Updating to this build will search for certain template files reported as potentially-vulnerable and patch them if they are found and not already patched.
Template Manager [bug fix] Template Images feature now works with png images too.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Sku attachment formsAlert pops up for each missing required field in addition to final alert with complete list of missing fields.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] DPS payment gatewayIssue where response from DPS would not register global arrays (_POST, _REQUEST) until after first echo. Added hidden input field at top of pgm-payment_gateway.php.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Ampersands in price variation names cause illegal product detected error at checkout.
eNewsletter [bug fix] Fixed issue where sites using a template in the tCustom folder as their site base template would see broken newsletter template images.
Database Tables [bug fix] Enter Edit DataNow correctly shows upwards arrow when sort is ascending and down arrow when descending (was backwards before).
BACKEND [change/tweak] getElementsByClassName function added to site_javascript.php as well as js_functions.php.
MISC [change/tweak] Improved overall speed of sitebuilder operation by about 5% (faster).
Help Center [change/tweak] Reduced font size of template_lib folder path string to prevent module display from breaking.
[change/tweak] Database Table Manager and Site Data Tables features combined into one - Database Tables, located on bottom row of Main Menu (under Administrative Features).
Sohoadmin QuickLaunch [change/tweak] Using the F2 button to load sohoadmin now loads in a dynamically created window in the current browser.
Webmaster [change/tweak] Admin UsersEdit User drop down form now auto-submits. You don't have to click the "Edit User" button anymore. So it saves you a click. Also increased the font size in the user dropdown.
Forms Manager [new feature] Field PropertiesCan now limit the number of characters that can be entered into a particular text box or multi-line textarea.
Webmaster [new feature] Admin UsersCan now control access to plugin features as well as standard features.
Webmaster [new feature] Software UpdatesAdded advanced preference setting to allow installation of pre-release test builds (use at own risk).
Site Templates [new feature] Added "Un-set this assignment" option in list of pages with special template assignments so you can quickly set a page back to using the Site Base Template without having to open it in the Page Editor.
[new feature] Added built-in SitePal support. Fill-in your SitePal account info via the setup feature (new button on the main menu), and you're ready to drag-and-drop scenes onto pages and put them in template boxes via the Template Box Manager.

Pro v4.9 r60

Plugin Manager [bug fix] Install PluginNow works on servers that have the php function shell_exec() disabled.
Forms Manager 2.0 [change/tweak] Improved autoscroll-to-changed field functionality so it's better about not scrolling down when it's not needed (i.e. when changing title text for field at top of form).
Forms Manager 2.0 [change/tweak] Form Styles TabCan now increase/decrease numeric value in fields like "Form Body Container width" and "Field label fixed width" using the up/down arrow keys, and can also do shift+up/down to change value by +/-25 at a time instead of +/-1 at a time.
Forms Manager 2.0 [new feature] Form Styles TabAdded "dotted" border option.
Forms Manager 2.0 [new feature] Form Styles TabAdded option to specify label width so all labels can (optionally) be the same width and left edge of fields can be lined-up with each other.
Forms Manager 2.0 [new feature] Form Styles TabAdded option to de-select selected field.
Template Builder Beta [new feature] Brand new Template Builder Beta makes creating customized templates easier.

Pro v4.9 r59.1

Forms Manager 2.0 [bug fix] Better special character handling in field titles/labels and such. Single quotes, double quotes, and foreign (non-English) characters OK.
Forms Manager 2.0 [bug fix] Fixed but where form preview pane would go blank when editing certain settings on the Form Styles tab.

Pro v4.9 r59

Localization [] Page EditorForms LibraryText in Form Preview Area now translateable.
Page Editor [bug fix] Text EditorTo combat (if not fix for everyone) the problem of the editor stalling at "Loading.." and never showing the Save button, disabled the Loading layer completely (as in, it never shows up so no worries about it not going away) and made the Save button always show from the start (instead of being hidden then appearing once editor loads as before).
Forms Manager 2.0 [bug fix]
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Add to CartSku attachment formContinue button that's supposed to submit form does nothing when clicked if one or more required fields contain illegal characters like periods and/or hyphens. Note: Affects forms build with old Forms Manager 1.0 (pre-v4.9 r58). Forms built with now-available Forms Manager 2.0 do not have this problem.
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Add to CartSku attachment formRaw style code displays below form built with Forms Manager 2.0 if submit button text contains greater-than signs (">").
Shopping Cart [bug fix] Checkout"Coming Soon" header displays if site is viewed from alternate domain name (i.e. .com when site is setup on .biz).
Shopping Cart [change/tweak] Payment OptionsPayPalAdded anchor link from PayPal checkbox to paypal config fields.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Display SettingsAdded option to specify your own button text for the 'Add to Cart' button that can (optionally) display beneath a sku's thumbnail image in search results.
Shopping Cart [new feature] Payment OptionsPayPalAdded field to allow for cusomization of "Continue >>" button text that appears at PayPal's site once the customer has paid.
Forms Manager 2.0 [new feature] Added new settings to Form Styles tab for outer width, border, margin, padding, and submit button text/position.

Pro v4.9 r58.1

Web Forms [bug fix] Forms Manager 2.0 betaCannot save new form because underlying db table structure not updated to new format.
Web Forms [bug fix] Forms Manager 2.0 betaMade live-preview action smoother and more reliable in IE.
Web Forms [new feature] Forms Manager 2.0 betaAdded "Form Styles" tab with options to configure label color, style, and position.

Pro v4.9 r58

CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] Fixed bug in new Template Images feature module where in certain cases it would list more than one setting option for the same image file, and consequently preventing the swap action from working properly (unless you defined the swap image for both matches).
CUSTOM FORMS [bug fix] Keep getting required field not completed page even though all fields are completed because of trailing ";" in required_fields list.
MISC [bug fix] System button styles missing in several locations throughout admin tool interface...look like a normal form input buttons (no bg color or mouse-over effect). Example: Shopping CartAdd New Products button. Only happens on certain server configurations.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Add/Edit ProductsPrice Variation tabCannot save changes to product sku if apostrophe/single-quote (') is used in price varation field(s).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutCannot proceed with checkout if form attached to sku and "Skip more information page entirely" option is selected in Display Settings. Gets an inventory alert error after visitor submits sku form.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [change/tweak] Custom shopping_cart.css file if found in template folder now INHERITS default stylesheet instead of completely over-riding it, so when new versions are released with additional css rules for the cart you'll inherit the new stuff automatically without having to manually add it to all of your templates with [[Modifying_cart_system_styles|shopping_cart.css]] files.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] CheckoutFinal invoiceDoes not list country tax charge total row if there is not a charge (if it's not greater than zero...i.e. no more UNITED STATES - US Tax : $0.00).
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Tax Rate OptionsAdded option to include shipping total in state tax cacluation (necessary for some US states like WA).
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Display SettingsHex color code in text field now displays in the color that it represents for easier/faster visual identification.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Find/Edit ProductsThumbnail images in sku list now load one-at-a-time when moused-over instead of all loading at once and causing excessive lag on sites with bigger catalogs.
MEMBER LOGINS [change/tweak] Increased size of text in user-select dropdown box.
BLOG MANAGER [change/tweak] When editing an existing entry in a category that has many entries and you need to scroll down, the editor selection popup now appears in the correct place and not at the top of the page.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] PAYSTATIONAdded a error display for failed transactions and made a few changes to the way data is transfered.
MEMBER LOGINS [new feature] Added "Delete multiple member accounts" option.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Display SettingsAdded options to change size of thumbnail images displayed on the More Information page for skus with more than one full-size image defined for them.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Product ImagesAdditional sku images now display as thumbnail gallery when visitor views more information. Mouse-over a thumbnail to see fullsize image. If no additional images are set for a sku (i.e. just a full-size image), then image will display full-size not a thumbnail.
Web forms [new feature] Forms Manager 2.0 beta! Edit forms! Currently only works with new forms created from here on out. Old forms still use old add-field-only system.

Pro v4.9 r57

CUSTOM TEMPLTAE DEVELOPERS [new feature] If you prefix any image files you use in your template html with "_userimg-", users will be able to edit them with the new Template Images feature.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutMore Information PageSearch ColumnPayPal logo does not display.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Payment OptionsCheckbox to use VeriSign won't stay checked.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Payment OptionsAdded help popup to explain what the "accepted credit cards" option does.

Pro v4.9 r56

CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] [[Custom_Template_Reference#.23template_path.23|/home/soho/public_html/sohoadmin/program/modules/site_templates/pages/custom-soholaunch-close]] works again (broken by previous build).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Find/Edit ProductsFixed javascript warning flags caused by pulling elements by id without using getElementById.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Final InvoiceIf "Edit cart contents" link is turned on via Display Settings it now shows only on the ''preview'' invoice displayed on the website before payment, NOT on the ''final'' invoice that gets emailed to the customer.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutFIXED: If customer makes second order soon after first without leaving site that order data is assined the same order number as the first.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutBilling/Shipping information formZeros ('0') appearing in some fields occassionally.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutAdd item to cartContinue shopping button should return visitor to last-viewed search results/category browse page.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutGoes blank before you can get to final order page.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Find/Edit ProductsAdded [Cancel] button next to save product button
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Display SettingsAdded option to toggle display of "No PO Boxes" message on billing/shipping form on/off.

Pro v4.9 r55

NEW INSTALLS [bug fix] Auto-resolve feature that lets you run Soholauch on a site before the domain resolves doesn't work.

Pro v4.9 r54

CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] SHOPPING CARTCheckout processStep 5 Make payment & Step 5 Show Final InvoiceThe bar that shows the steps in the check out process cannot be styled via shopping_cart.css as it can in the other checkout steps.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] SHOPPING CARTWrite ReviewForm background color hard-coded to white. Not controllable by template css.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] SHOPPING CARTAlternating row background colors on final invoice hard-coded to white and light gray. Fixed. Replaced hard coded color values with new css classes controllable via shopping_cart.css -- "row-normalbg" and "row-altbg".
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] SHOPPING CARTEMAIL FRIEND FORMBackground color hard-coded to white. Not controllable by template css.
WEB FORMS [bug fix] Plus sign (+) not allowed in email address field despite being recognized as a valid email address character.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] #BIZ-FAX# variable does not work on certain servers.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Innovative Gateway card process action doesn't work at checkout. Just comes back with "Error:" and no specific error message.
INSTALLATION [bug fix] Cannot login because socket connections are disabled on server or firewall is blocking licensing api addresses.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] DPSFixed issue where username / password were not sending correctly.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Add/Edit Product SkuAmpersand character getting parsed out of short description field.
WEBMASTER [change/tweak] Option to display "forgot my password" link on sitebuilder login screen now defaults to "off" for new installations.
LOGIN SCREEN [change/tweak] Message that appears behind popup program window updated to address popup blockers more prominently.
TEMPLATE MANAGER [change/tweak] For developers: Software Updates preference setting to chmod 777 after updating now applies to template zip uploads too.
PLUGIN MANAGER [change/tweak] For developers: Software Updates preference setting to chmod 777 after updating now applies to plugin installs too. So no more having to chmod via FTP/SSH every time you want to modify your plugin after installing/updating it.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] View Online Orders/InvoicesInvoice search formKeyword search looks in raw final invoice html data too, not just individual value matches like "first name" and "billing address".
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Find/Edit ProductsTweaked display layout a little and added [Add new product] link above sku list.
SITE DATA TABLES [change/tweak] System TablesCan now empty and import into all tables. cart_invoice and such no longer excluded.
ENEWSLETTER [change/tweak] Added error details to failed screen and text to from email campaign setup screen.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] View Online Orders/InvoicesInvoice search formAdded option to search on multiple keywords/phrases and separated by comma, semicolon, or space (your choice)....or you can do an exact phrase match.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Display SettingsAdded option to display "View/Edit shopping cart contents" link on initial order summary page (after billing info, with the preview invoice on it, where they pick a payment method).
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Display SettingsAdded option to skip billing/shipping info form at checkout if visitor already filled-out the info but then abandoned checkout to go back and continue shopping...and then came back to checkout again.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Display SettingsAdded option to define a maximum width for fullsize sku images.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Add/Edit ProductsProduct ImagesCan now have a virtually unlimited number of images for each cart sku. Thumbnail and fullsize images work as before, but now if you add other additional images beyond just thumb & full they will display on that product's "More Information" page as a thumbnail gallery (click a thumbnail to view image galleries on eBay pages).

Pro v4.9 r53

BACKEND/DEVELOPER [bug fix] Member LoginsCreate userCannot add new memeber via Member Logins after adding field to sec_users table.
ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Cannot grant an admin user access to FAQ Manager specifically.
UDT_CONTENT_SEARCH_REPLACE [bug fix] Content replacements not applied to shopping cart system pages.
BACKUP/RESTORE [bug fix] Download backupWhen trying to download backup file, takes a while to initiate download window, then the file that downloads is un-openable/corrupt/0 bytes.
BACKUP/RESTORE [bug fix] Delete backupBackup .tgz file not deleted from server. Only backup folder is deleted.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Authorize.netUnable to process card using gateway. Returns empty error message. Note: Same fix that was supposed to be included back in r50 but wasn't.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Authorize.netShipping info not getting passed, causing errors at checkout when account is set to require shipping info.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] If option is selected under Add/Edit Products to not charge shipping for a particular item and the charge shipping by order sub-total method is used then that item's subtotal should not factor into the subtotal used to calculate the shipping charge.

Pro v4.9 r52

PLUGINS BACKEND [bug fix] Plugin replacement code doubled when plugin itself is updated. Should make plugin system run much, much more smoothly with way less post-install problems and user support issues.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Text EditorSome IE7 users cannot see the "Save" button.
EMAIL FRIEND [bug fix] Visitor is not taken back to originating page after submitting email to friend form.
EVENT CALENDAR [new feature] Display SettingsAdded "Preserve line breaks in event details?" preference setting

Pro v4.9 r51

PLUGIN MANAGER [bug fix] Install PluginRemoved 300kb upload limit on plugin .zip upload/install because it was preventing some bigger plugins from installing and it really shouldn't have been as low as 300kb in the first place.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Add/Edit ProductDetailed Description fieldKeeps adding backslashes before apostrophes/single quotes (i.e. \').
LOCALIZATION [change/tweak] Updated Norwegian language strings file.
CONTACT FORMS [change/tweak] "From" address now shows as visitor's email address provided that you name your email field exactly "emailaddr". Note: if you're using the default contact form the email field is already named "emailaddr" so you're good.
DATABASE TABLES [change/tweak] Enter/Edit Record DataRun Custom QueryNow displays a report (number of matches) when you run a custom SELECT query.
CREATE NEW PAGES [change/tweak] When duplicate pages are detected they're skipped over and reported later...the rest of the new pages are still created.
PROMO BOX MANAGER [change/tweak] Fixed issue where promo title and read more text would display slashes next to quotes.

Pro v4.9 r50

NEW PLUGIN HOOK [new plugin hook] payment_options.php:pay_types &mdash; Makes it easier to reliably add a payment gateway to the list of checked-for gateways ($pay_types) without having to use a hook_replace call that's going to fail if any other payment gateway plugins are installed (because that $pay_types list will have changed from the build version if the other plugins modified it with hook_replace).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] checkoutTweaked gateway ping script to eliminate sometimes-occurring error from about being unable to validate the ssl certificate. This problem can also appear as simply a "cannot process order" and blank error message when trying to run a credit card purchase through the cart with set up to handle the processing.
FAQ MANAGER [bug fix] Fixed inconsistent sorting where some higher sort numbers would be mixed in with lower, etc...sorts like you expect it to now.
SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] Added note about stable and latest builds that are more than one number apart (i.e. stable = r47, latest = r49).
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Payment OptionsAdded currency option for Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
DATABASE TABLES [new feature] Run custom queryCan now accept and display results of custom SELECT queries
FAQ MANAGER [new feature] Added option to choose FAQ sort order (ascending/descending)

Pro v4.9 r49

SECURITY [bug fix] Minor security patch to help prevent email spammers from hijacking things.
DEMO SITE MODE [bug fix] Added routine to kill old copies of nowiz.txt if they're found. Fixes problem where QuickStart Wizard would not come up on certain demo sites that were originally installed on older versions (like 1 year+ ago).
BACKEND [change/tweak] smt_module template can now automatically display reports and error messages if $reports[] array is populated.
BACKEND [change/tweak] Added hide_dropdowns and show_dropdowns js functions to site_javascript.php so they're available from the website-side now too.
OPEN/EDIT PAGES [change/tweak] Minor display tweaks. Moved instructional text about page template assigments to a help popup to free up some screen real estate.
DATABASE TABLES [new feature] Enter/Edit DataAdded option to format timestamp values as human-legible date/time strings.

Pro v4.9 r48

TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Main Menu hover shortcuts only appear if the feature they shortcut to is enabled (licensed).
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Fixed side-scrolling issue occurring infrequently with "Select Template" tab.
BACKEND [change/tweak] build_info() function moved from smt_functions.php to shared_functions.php. Also added current_version function to shared_functions.php
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Payment OptionsAdded "AU$" (alternate symbol for Australian dollar) to currency symbol option list.
SOFTWARE UDPATES [new feature] Added advanced (optional) setting to have Software Updates automatically chmod back to 777 after updating. Intended for plugin developers and the like on non-phpsuexec servers who otherwise have to go in and re-chmod to 777 manually after every update so they can edit source files via FTP again.

Pro v4.9 r47

ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Fixed problem where users could not be added and rights could not be applied because db table name was created with incorrect case (USER_ACCESS_rightS).
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] Changelog for installed build now in scrollable area
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] On failure, error message about shell_exec being disabled will only appear if shell_exec is actually disabled (as in, it checks the server setting before theorizing about the possible problem).
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] Added popup link with technical diagnostic info to aid tech support in troubleshooting Software Updates problems.
BACKEND [change/tweak] Added shell_exec_allowed() and url_fopen_allowed() functions to make it easier going forward for error messages to be more sensitive/tailored to the specific server environment.
SITE DATA TABLES [change/tweak] Import CSV DataNo longer forcing capitalization on field names (makes for better chance of auto-matching db field names with spreadsheet column headings).
HOST BRANDING OPTIONS [change/tweak] Can now set in Branding Controls whether an author name should be shown next to the plugin title.
DATABASE TABLES [change/tweak] Enter/Edit DataLast search term is now table-specific.
DATABASE TABLES [change/tweak] Enter/Edit DataMisc display tweaks.
DATABASE TABLES [new feature] Enter/Edit DataAdded ability search within specific fields.
DATABASE TABLES [new feature] Enter/Edit DataAdded ability to sort records by any column you want (can do ascending/descending too).
MAIN MENU [new feature] Added average visitors online count next to current visitors online count at the bottom of the screen.

Pro v4.9 r45

MISC [bug fix] Turned off error message in a the script that logs site stats data to supppress "unable to open file: STATS_BYHOUR.MYI" message that appeared at the bottom of the website (only a couple of cases).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Price VariationsCan now have ampersands (&) in sub-category/variant names without the total going to 0.00 at checkout.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [change/tweak] Shopping Cart CheckoutAdded rules so custom shopping_cart.css files can control style of dividers on billing/shipping info form, plus the price caption under the thumnail image in search results (and category browsing).
BACKEND [change/tweak] Improved error message at login about not being able to download license key to include typical causes/solutions.
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] Improved error message about not being able to extract downloaded build file to include typical causes/solutions.
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] Full changelog for installed build now displayed on main module screen.
OPEN/EDIT PAGES [change/tweak] Page Properties22 character limit removed from page name field.
DTM [change/tweak] Enter/Edit Record DataRun custom queryFocus now automatically set to query field (saves you a click)
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Add/Edit ProductEach sku can now have short description text as well as a more detailed (html-allowed) description that will appear on the 'More Information' page.

Pro v4.9 r44

SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Shopping Cart MenuAdd new products and View Online Orders/Invoices buttons are not styled. Occurs only when register_globals = off and even then only on certain servers (environment difference yet to be identified).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutCustomer information empty on final invoice page. Occurs only when register_globals = off and even then only on certain servers (environment difference yet to be identified).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Add/Edit ProductPrice Variation12th subcat/variant option field data will not save
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutCustomer billing/shipping info formPhone number fields (billing and shipping) not remembered for logged-in users.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] CheckoutWill not recognize logged-in secure user (won't remember their info).
ADMIN LOGINS [bug fix] Cannot create new admin user or can create but when edited no settings are saved; when logging-in as user no permissions exist (can't access ''anything'') no matter what was set in webmaster.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Product sku displays as blank when dropped on a page if it has a single quote (apostrophe) in its sku name.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] CheckoutFor logged-in users (as in, secure users setup via Member Logins feature); Now updates billing/shipping info in user profile when they submit the billing/shipping info form at checkout.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Find/Edit ProductsDrop-down box used to choose a sku to edit now auto-jumps to the sku you select as soon as you pick one --- instead having to click a separate 'Edit' button after choosing from the drop-down as before.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Find/Edit ProductsAdded option to browse for skus to edit by picking the product from a more detailed sku list with thumbnails and full product names (vs. picking it from standard drop-down box).
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] Can now re-install the latest stable build (in previous builds you could not re-install a build that you had already installed).
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [change/tweak] Shopping cart checkout systemwidths and styles for all outer tables, plus the text fields in the billing/shipping info form, can now be controled via [[Modifying_cart_system_styles|shopping_cart.css]].
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Add/Edit ProductPrice VariationCan now have an unlimited number of sub-categories and price-affecting variations per-item.

Pro v4.9 r43

[bug fix] Fixed promo_boxes mysql error on log-in screen after updating
HELP CENTER [change/tweak] DiagnosticAdded php suexec check
FREE TRIAL MODE [change/tweak] Trial time left now shown down to second instead of just days

Pro v4.9 r42

NEWSLETTER [bug fix] Fixed corrupted send_now.php file that was preventing newsletter campaigns from sending on certain sites.

Pro v4.9 r41

SECURITY PATCH [bug fix] Improvement to prior security patch in r40 build. Like that patch, this is only relevant to users whose server has register_globals turned on in the php.ini.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] When item is added to cart that already exists in cart the unit subtotal does not update to reflect the new quantity.
PLUGIN DEVELOPERS [change/tweak] data field in smt_userdata table changed to a BLOB field so developers can put more data in it.
PLUGIN DEVELOPERS [change/tweak] two new hooks added to pgm-more_information.php
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Display SettingsAdded a duplicate Save Display Settings button at the bottom of the screen for convenience.

Pro v4.9 r40

MAJOR SECURITY PATCH [bug fix] Relevant to all users whose server has register_globals turned on in the php.ini. If this is turned off on your server, then you're not vulnerable to the type of attacks this patch prevents anyway, so no worries. If you have no idea what register_globals or the php.ini is, just know that your site will be much safer from hack attacks after updating to this build.
BACKEND [change/tweak] mkbutton() function moved from shared_functions.php to smt_functions.php

Pro v4.9 r39

ADMIN USERS [bug fix] When an admin user (who has access to "Create New Pages") does a "Save As.." from the page editor, she cannot edit that page immediately (doesn't show up on Open/Edit Pages) until webmaster manually gives her permission to do so. It should allow her to edit it right way like it does when she creates pages.
GLOBAL SETTINGS [bug fix] Help popup for main menu shortcut buttons option seems to popup underneath the dropdown boxes on the Global Settings menu.
GLOBAL SETTINGS [bug fix] Main Menu shortcuts option will not turn on. If you try to select "on" in will just flip back to "off". Note: The smt_userdata table didn't exist on sites experiencing this problem. Added a double check for table existence to userdata class.
MAIN MENU [bug fix] Hover shortcutsCorrupt-looking font on popup shortcut buttons.
WEBMASTER [bug fix] Global SettingsIf you use an apostrophe in the Company Name field of global settings the content will not save.
INITIAL LOGIN [bug fix] FIXED: Product gets stuck in a loop after window launches (becaues it can't write to the filebin folder).
UPLOAD FILES [bug fix] Success ScreenLink to Main Menu goes to 404 Not found error page.
EMAIL PAGE TO A FRIEND [bug fix] Email to friend form always displays with home.html template wrapped around it even if it should be the normal internal page template (index.html).
IMPORTANT SECURITY FIX [bug fix] Patches vulnerability that exists when register_globals is turned on at the server level. If register_globals = Off on your server than you're already in the clear. But if it's set to "On" then this will help prevent most common hack attacks.
HELP CENTER [bug fix] TutorialsFixed problem where clicking on a tutorial movie link would popup a window with a "Not found" error. Note: For this fix to apply, web host must have the Tutorials option set up correctly in Partner AreaBranding Controls.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Broken loading image when adding/updating a product sku.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Checkout ProcessState/Province drop-down will not select chosen state. Defaults to first option.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Further refinment of routine designed to prevent (recoverable) loss of price variation data when updating to r36+ from earilier versions.
MAIN MENU [change/tweak] Made mouse-over shortcut buttons a bit more intelligent. For example, shortcut button to view cart invoices will not show up until you actually have invoices to view.
LIVE DEMO SITES [change/tweak] Software Updates disabled while in demo site mode.
WEBMASTER [change/tweak] Add New Admin UserNow checks to make sure username is not already assigned to another administrator before proceeding with the create action. Also freshened up the display of this module a little and made it remember the full name, username, and password you filled-in on error so you don't have to fill out those fields again if you make a mistake.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Payment OptionsClarified description text for SSL certificate url option.
DTM [change/tweak] Enter/Edit DataCollapse individual fieldNow better about preserving the records you're looking at after the collapse action. As in, it will re-apply your search qry or lack thereof.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Add New ProductsPresents you with a fresh add sku form after you add a new sku (instead of returning to edit the sku you just added) it behaved a few versions back.
OPEN/EDIT PAGES [new feature] Added quick delete option (scroll to bottom left to see link) so you can delete multiple pages at once (i.e. for testing/cleaning out your site).
OPEN/EDIT PAGES [new feature] Added quick links to Recently Created/Modified pages above the normal list.
HOST BRANDING CONTROLS [new feature] Can now link Tutorials button in Help Center feature directly to a page on your website.

Pro v4.9 r38

MENU SYSTEM [bug fix] Fixed bug where #VSUBS# displaying as buttons would not do anything when clicked. Only happens when #VSUBS# was used without #VMAINS#.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Fixed issue where Buy Now/Add to Cart button was not showing up under the thumbnail image for items in search results (or when browsing a category).
WEBMASTER [change/tweak] Administrative UsersCan now allow/deny access to FAQ Manager.
PAGE EDITOR [change/tweak] Launch Text EditorPlaced text about how to reset the text editor mode inside the initial popup layer with the "Basic" and "Advanced" buttons instead of displaying it in a separate javascript alert (so it saves you a click).
WEBSITE DISPLAY [change/tweak] No more "Coming Soon". If nothing is specified for "Header text" in Template Manager, there will be no header text displayed on the website.
MAIN MENU [new feature] Added options for several main menu items that appear on mouseover. Ex. mouseover File Manager -> Upload Files option appears above File Manager icon. Also added a switch to turn on/off these popups in Webmaster -> Global Settings -> 'Main Menu shortcut buttons'.

Pro v4.9 r37

PLUGIN MODULE [bug fix] Fixed database creation routine so that it does not result in a mysql error.
AUTO-RESOLVE TWEAK [bug fix] Added additional checks in autoresolve.php so that login functions when licensing server is down.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Fixed issue where cart was failing to store/display form data collected by forms attached to shopping cart items.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Page PropertiesNow stripping problem characters like ampersands and such from new name specified when renaming a page. Also added a little note about using alpha-numeric characters and spaces only.
DTM [bug fix] Enter/Edit DataCan now edit records in tables that do not have standard numeric prikey fields (i.e. site_pages).
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Better preservation of price variation data when updating
BOX MANAGER [bug fix] The text "View raw template skeleton so you can see where each box is placed" now links to the correct files.
PLUGINS [change/tweak] Shopping CartAdded several new hook locations designed to make it easier for developers to add new payment gateways.
CREATE PAGES [change/tweak] .php pages are now created in the docroot when a page is created as well as when a page's content is saved.
TEMPLATE MANAGER [change/tweak] Templates that use the Box Manager now have to be saved before you can access the Box Manager module.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Payment OptionsMinor display tweaks.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Details button will no longer appear for an item if it does not have a detail page assigned to it.

Pro v4.9 r36

SOHOADMIN LOGIN [bug fix] F2 keyboard shortcut to launch the log-in window when viewing your website now works in all browsers instead of just IE.
DTM [bug fix] Fixed broken image shown (for split second) instead of intended loading graphic when pulling up a database table to enter/edit its data.
FAQ MANAGER [bug fix] No more " stuff in question/answers.
FACTORY TEMPLATES [bug fix] LANDSCAPE-Mountains_Man-BlueFixed broken header background image issue for Mozilla browsers.
IMPORTANT SECURITY FIX [bug fix] Removed all obsolete and potentially-vulnerable copes of login.php. Updating to r36 should automatically remove these files if they are found on your site. If you want to be sure, click the "Re-apply latest version compatibility updates" link in the help center and it'll give you a report.
LIVE DEMO SITES [change/tweak] Software Update feature now enabled for live demo sites (unless disabled accross the board via Branding Controls).
TEMPLATE MANAGER [change/tweak] Delete Template feature for advanced users now allows for multiple templates to be deleted at a time (instead of one per submit as before).
CREATE PAGES [change/tweak] 22 character max field length on page name text box removed, which should allow for page names up to 255 characters in length. Also freshened up the aesthetics of the whole module.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Shipping OptionsClarified inaccruate and horribly confusing description text under "International Orders" headline (which only appears if you're doing separate local/international shipping and you've defined a local country).
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Tax Rate OptionsCan now choose whether VAT/GST/International taxes are applied based on the bill-to country or ship-to country (before it was hardcoded to bill-to country).
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [new feature] Added /home/soho/public_html/sohoadmin/program/modules/site_templates/pages/custom-soholaunch-close and custom-soholaunch-close pound-variables so custom scripts can be template name-independent.
WEBMASTER [new feature] Can now disable/enable "Email my login info to me" option on the log-in screen.
MAIN MENU [new feature] Added "Upload Files" button that appears above the File Manager button when you mouse-over it. So now it's just one click to get to Upload Files (you don't have to go through File Manager first anymore).

Pro v4.9 r35

SETUP FORM [bug fix] Cannot complete setup.php form when installing because it comes back with a "you have not completed all required fields" error and "OSTYPE == nothing". For the record though, if you're getting this error [[Troubleshooting|see this fix for the larger issue it represents]].
SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] Fixed error about updating the system_plugins table that appeared upon first login after doing a software version update.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Fixed: Updating (to r34) erases the 6th sub-category and price variation options on all my cart products.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Fixed: Updating (to r34) causes price variation options to dissappear from website-side checkout display.

Pro v4.9 r34

SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] All builds going forward for next several months or so (until majority of people are upgraded to r34+) will have a short description AND a full-size change log available. This way, those who update to r34+ get to see the FULL change log, and everybody on older versions (pre-v4.9 r34) still gets the nice consise short description without it stretching the software updates dialog so much that the "Install Now" button is off the screen.
HELP CENTER [bug fix] TutorialsLinks for Site Statistics and Secure Users now go to the correct videos (they were reversed).
HELP CENTER [bug fix] Users ManualShould be scrollable now no matter what site it links to.
TEMPLATE DISPLAY [bug fix] #BOX#Fixed issue where the 'Read More' link would display blog content using home.html and not index.html.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Now stripping commas from all price fields automatically.
SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Significant user interface tweaks throughout cart module for a more consistent look and more intuitive navigating.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Shipping OptionsCan now have completely different methods for calculating shipping based on whether order is shipped locally or internationally.
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Price VariationsAdded 6 more price variation and sub category options (so it's now 12 total).

Pro v4.9 r33

PLUGIN MANAGER [bug fix] Corrected spelling error in "Are you sure you want to uninstall this plugin?" alert.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Required fields in forms attached to shopping cart items work now
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Products now list as "Out of stock" when their inventory runs out, instead of being removed from display entirely.
BACKEND [bug fix] Removed certain login scripts (i.e. program/wizard/login.php) entirely from build after reports that they were a security vulnerability. Note: Updating from an earlier version will automatically remove these files as part of the update process.
PLUGIN MANAGER [new feature] Added auto-update feature for plugins! When a new version of a plugin is available, an update button appears next to that plugin's name. Click it to see the change log for what's new in the available update version, then if you want to install it just click the install button.

Pro v4.9 r32

CUSTOM TEMPLATES [new feature] Can now include "content_replacements.php" in your template folder. If found in your template folder it will be included at the bottom of pgm-realtime_builder.php --- after everything's put together but right before content is actually displayed.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [new feature] Can now include a (presumably modified) copy of pgm-blog_display.php in your template folder and it will be used in place of the standard pgm-blog_display.php
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] Detailed change log now displayed for update builds in Software Updates popup (instead of just short descriptions)
MISC [change/tweak] Under construction image removed entirely. Now if content does not exist for requested page, the page will just be more 500px-wide template-breaking under construction image.
HELP [change/tweak] Added new "Don't see your plugin listed here?" help link/popup on the main menu behind the "Click here to show Plugin Features" toggle...only appears when user has installed plugins that do not have their own main menu button.
SITE STATS [bug fix] Refer SitesCorrected spelling of "referrals" (was "referals").
FAQ MANAGER [bug fix] Website-side displayFixed problem where FAQ answers would not display when question was clicked on.

Pro v4.9 r31

SHOPPING CART>Email A Friend [bug fix] fixed an issue where that in some cases, caused the referrer check fail.
LOGIN [bug fix] User's no longer have to edit their isp.conf.php or use the resolvedomain.vbs script to login to Soholaunch on an unresolved domain. The login form now auto-detects whether or not the domain is resolving. If the domain is not resolving to the docroot that Soholaunch is running out of, the isp.conf.php is automaticly modified with the working value ( the url used to access the login page) and stores the unresolved value in a new variable. If the unresolved variable exists, the login page checks to see if it is resolving everytime the user logs in. When the domain is finaly resolving to the doc root that Soholaunch is running out of, all of the .con and .regen files are automatically updated replacing the temporary value with the final value.
NEWSLETTER [change/tweak] Create CampaignYou no longer have to specify which field contains firstname and email type (since that information isn't actually used for anything). Now all you have to pick is the field containing the email addresses.

Pro v4.9 r30

DEMO SITES [change/tweak] Save action for Global Settings disabled when running in demo site mode.
WEBMASTER [change/tweak] Meta Tag DataNow returns to Meta Tag Data screen after save action instead of redirecting to main Webmaster Menu

Pro v4.9 r29

NEWSLETTER [bug fix] Campaigns are now correctly marked as sent after send, instead of remaining at "pending" status.
CART [bug fix] View Online Orders/InvoicesCorrected issue where field labels on search form were not displaying.
DTM [new feature] Enter/Edit DataAdded new "Collapse all fields" view option
DTM [new feature] Enter/Edit DataAdded ability to hide individual columns from display when viewing big db tables.
DEMO MODE [new feature] Added rudimentary logging of user click path if site is set up in "live demo" mode. Requires custom script to really take advantage of it, but the data is there for the harvesting.
Login [change/tweak] Clicking the "Email my login info to me" link no longer displays webmaster's email address (that password was sent to) after send.
DTM [change/tweak] Enter/Edit DataImproved collapsed field view (made field name bigger font, showing first 5 chars of field data instead of none of it)
BACKEND [change/tweak] Page request is now better preserved when accessing page via Page_Name.php file. Specifically, custom scripts can now use $_GET['pr'] and $_POST['pr'] to get page request value, instead of just $pr as before.
DEMO MODE [change/tweak] Plugin installation is now disabled if site is set up in "live demo" mode.
BACKEND [change/tweak] php_suexec() check function moved from smt_functions.php to shared_functions.php

Pro v4.9 r28

DTM [change/tweak] Enter/Edit DataCan now display, edit, and add records for all tables regardless of whether they have a field called "PRIKEY" or not (before this change some system tables were not editable via Database Table Manager for this reason).
DTM [change/tweak] Enter/Edit DataTable field names (column headings) no longer forced to all-uppercase for display (so pure, unadulterated field name is displayed).
DTM [change/tweak] Enter/Edit DataHide/Show BLOB field option is now table-independant so you can have different display preferences for different tables.
DTM [new feature] Enter/Edit DataAdded new "run custom mysql query" feature for advanced users. When viewing a table via DTM click on [Run custom query] next to [Show BLOB Fields]
BACKUP/RESTORE [new feature] Added new option to import backup from manually-uploaded (like via FTP) backup .tgz file. This allows people to upload and import big backup files that they otherwise might have trouble importing with the normal "upload & import" feature due to server upload size restrictions, timeouts, etc.
DTM [new feature] Enter/Edit DataNew view options to collapse individual column data so you can look at big tables without having to side-scroll.
PLUGINS [bug fix] stuff for developersFixed bug in [[Plugin_install_manifest#Create_db_tables_on_install|$file_that_creates_plugin_dbtables]] option that prevented it from working on some servers.
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Display SettingsCorrected misspelling of "default".
SHOPPING CART [bug fix] Display SettingsFixed "cannot save Display Settings because GOTO_CHECKOUT field doesn't exist" error that prevented some new installations of r27 from saving Display Settings.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] Fixed bug that prevented #OUTPUT-*# and #INC-*# from working on shopping cart pages.

Pro v4.9 r27

BACKEND [new feature] New php_suexec() function added to smt_functions.php so product features and plugins can more easily determine appropriate permissions to check for/reccommend on error.
BACKEND [new feature] Javascript functions toggleid(), showid(), hideid(), setClass() copied to site_javascript.php so they can be called from website-side scripts too (instead of just from program side as it was before when they were just in js_functions.php).
SHOPPING CART [new feature] Display SettingsAdded option to make "Add to Cart" buttons on More Information page go directly to checkout billing/shipping form (with item added to cart).
PLUGINS [new feature] New Hookpgm-realtime_builder, inside of loop through template html so plugin developers can add their own #variables#. Hook id: "pgm-realtime_builder.php:template_loop"
ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Main MenuAdded correctly-sized disabled (grayed-out) icons/buttons for all modules (some of them were still showing the old 48px images).
ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Open PagesCreate New Pages buttons are no longer shown if logged-in user does not have permission to create new pages.
BACKUP/RESTORE [bug fix] Fixed bug where files for templates assigned to individual pages (rather than used as site base template) were not being backed up.
HELP CENTER [bug fix] Fixed issue where diagnostic feature would still display even when turned off in branding options.
WEBMASTER [bug fix] Default home/start page setting now applies as soon as visitor hits the site for the first time (as it should) instead of after viewing at least one page (loading the session data).
DATABASE TABLE SEARCH [bug fix] Fixed a few problems when searching on selections. Also corrected an issue when details page would go blank after viewing another results details.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] Fixed problem where file download buttons weren't working if the php directive register_globals was set to "off"
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Fixed issue where internal server error would appear because site_templates folder was getting chmod'ed to 777 on first login.
SOFTWARE UPDATES [change/tweak] Install new updateAdded a bit of intellegence to commonly-encountered error message appearing when download of build file fails to give user more accurate assement of why it failed and how to fix the problem. For example, will only say "make sure allow_url_fopen is enabled" if it's detected as disabled.
TEMPLATE BUILDER [change/tweak] Templates now created as factory-style templates with their own folder in the /pages directory and even a screenshot for preview in template manager.
BACKUP/RESTORE [change/tweak] Backup file names are now more human-readable. Instead of using timestamp, like site_backup-1140713521.tgz they now use normal date format like site_backup-8-28-2006-05.tgz
HELP CENTER [change/tweak] Fixed issue where .htm files would not work for the flash tutorials. Both .htm and .html should work now.
HOST OPTIONS [change/tweak] Live Demo SitesDisabled eNewsletter send action when running in demo site mode.
HOST OPTIONS [change/tweak] Live Demo SitesDisabled template upload/delete actions in demo mode.
ADMIN USERS [change/tweak] Create PagesDisabled "Add to Menu?" option on create pages screen if logged-in user does not have access to Menu Navigation features.
TEMPLATE MANAGER [change/tweak] Lowered time delay (from 4sec to 3sec) before "Fix internal server error" option appears (happens when internal server error occurs).

Pro v4.9 r26

PLUGINS [bug fix] Fixed issue with hook_replace routine that caused sites to go blank after update if they had a plugin installed that modified pgm-realtime_builder.php
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [bug fix] #OUTPUT-filename.php# should now work on shopping cart pages as well as normal pages.
BACKEND [bug fix] help_popup() function moved to shared_functions.php so client-side elements can access it (including custom scripts).

Pro v4.9 r25

SHOPPING CART [change/tweak] Paypoint gatewayNow sending a full address to gateway to account for address verification.
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Upload TemplateMajor improvements to template upload routine.
TEXT EDITOR [bug fix] Insert ImageFile names should now be listed in expected alphabetical order regardless of whether they start with an upper or lower case letter. Same goes for file list in FILE MANAGER feature.

Pro v4.9 r24

PAGE EDITOR [new feature] .wma file support added to Audio Files object.
PAGE EDITOR [bug fix] My Images objectDrop-down box for selecting image now sorts filenames in alphabetical order regardless of case
PLUGINS [change/tweak] Changed plugin_install_form option to reprocess entire install manifest instead of just defined file modifications after coming back from custom install script.

Pro v4.9 r23

DTM [bug fix] smt_userdata table records can now be edited via enter/edit data as with other tables.
ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Removed buttons for "Template Manager" and "Menu Navigation" from header nav on "Open/Edit Pages" screen so as not to inadvertently allow admin users to access a feature that they're not authorized to access.
ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Webmaster icon on Main Menu now appears (grayed-out) like it should -- was showing broken image --- when admin user is logged-in.
ADMIN USERS [bug fix] Non-webmaster admin users can no longer access the Plugin Manager via the "manage plugins" link on the main menu (behind the View Plugin Features toggle)
TEXT EDITOR [bug fix] Fixed issue where cell properties dialog would not pull the vertical alignment value.
NEWSLETTER [bug fix] Fixed broken image link problem reported by some.
BACKEND [bug fix] Added missing css styles for help popup layes created with the new help_popup function added in v4.9 r21.
SEO [change/tweak] No longer writing gateway HTML files for each site page because it's an outdated method that some modern search engines flag as a bad thing when their spiders find it. So now it's all about those new-style PHP gateway pages we started writing a few versions ago.
DTM [new feature] Enter/Edit Record DataAdded option to show/hide blob field data

Pro v4.9 r22

PLUGINS [change/tweak] Plugin install routineImproved hook_replace routine so it can handle searching for (and replacing) multiple lines, like in example #2 of [[Hook_replace|the wiki page on hook_replace]] --- that wouldn't have actually worked until now.
PLUGINS [bug fix] Fixed issue in plugin install routine where plugin db tables were not getting created on some servers. For plugin developers, this means that the $file_that_creates_plugin_dbtables option will work like it's supposed to in all cases now.
DTM [bug fix] Delete a Table: Fixed broken spacer image at top, and corrected note text (light gray options are system tables, not dark red as it said before).
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Template Features list: Fixed problem where it would just say "Loading..." and then go blank or say "not pro edition format" on Windows servers.
PLUGINS [new feature] Added new [[Userdata_functions|userdata functions]] that plugin developers can utilize instead of having to create a one-row prefs table for your plugin.
PLUGINS [new feature] New $plugin_install_form option lets plugin developers redirect to a form in the middle of the plugin install process, collect user info and do something with it (like write hard-coded data to plugin files), and THEN process hook_replacements and hook_overwrites.

Pro v4.9 r21

CART [new feature] Payment Options: Added currency options for Nigerian Naira (NGN)
BOX MANAGER [bug fix] Edit Display Settings Fixed display issue where tabbed style form (the dark blue one) was riding a little high and overlapping the message about using/not using template styles. Form still has a couple display quirks...but one less so now.
BACKEND [bug fix] Added help_popup() function to smt_functions.php...makes it easy to create consistent-looking help popups within the product interface.
PLUGIN MANAGER [bug fix] Install Plugin: Fixed issue with hook_replace() calls where trailing spaces in source/mod lines would prevent replacement from processing. Install routine now trims all involved search/replace vaules.

Pro v4.9 r20

TEMPLATE MANAGER [new feature] Added "Cancel template change" button that appears when selecting/previewing templates (different from the one currently in use on your site) from the dropdown box.
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] No more "This template is not valid Pro Edtion format." error when working on a site whose domain name hasn't actually resolved yet. Feature list also loads superfast now.
MENU NAVIGATION [bug fix] Fixed a few external link issues.
FAQ MANAGER [bug fix] Issue Fixed where multiple FAQ categorys on a page would toggle the wrong item.
TEXT EDITOR [bug fix] Added the form toolbar back to the text editor. Issues before with textareas where the page editor would break should be resolved. Also added some info to the help button about using the form elements in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
GENERAL [bug fix] Added a check for the php.ini setting register_long_arrays. When turned off we manually register these with the super global values(Fixes an issue in the Database Table Manager where tables could not be edited on php5).

Pro v4.9 r19

DTM [change/tweak] Can now edit cart_category table records
DTM [change/tweak] Can now drop system tables as well as UDT_ tables
SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] Attempt #2 to fix "Could not create PROMO_BOXES table" error encountered after updating via Software Updates in certain server environments. Improved table existence check, removed exit on error.
MULTI-USER ACCESS [bug fix] Fixed broken icon images appearing on Main Menu when logged-in as someone other than webmaster.
TEMPLATE BOX MANAGER [bug fix] Fixed problem where Site Base Template tab and settings did not appear if home.html didn't exist or didn't have any boxes in it.
TEMPLATE BOX MANAGER [new feature] Added "Back to Template Manager" link bar for convenience

Pro v4.9 r18

BACKEND [bug fix] Plugin database tables SYSTEM_HOOK_ATTACHMENTS and SYSTEM_PLUGINS renamed to lower-case accross the board to resolve infrequently-occuring problems where they would be created in lower case but accessed via uppercase (causing "cannot get field list" errors and such).
PLUGIN MANAGER [bug fix] Added routine to allow plugins to be installed (successfully, no errors) on sites whose server environment does not allow php's shell_exec function to output anything (which was preventing the install routine from detecting the name of the extracted plugin folder, resulting in either errors/blank white screen for the user).
BACKEND [bug fix] table_exists() function is now case sensitive.
BACKEND [bug fix] Fixed problem where permissions are set to 777 on sohoadmin folder after templates are downloaded on first inatall (causing an Internal Server Error after clicking through the license agreement on some php suexec servers).
PLUGIN MANAGER [bug fix] Fixed problem where plugin installation would fail if you had previously installed a plugin with a lower alphabetical index (i.e. '''C'''alendar Plus would fail to install if '''Q'''uickEdit Dropdown was already installed).
SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] Attempt #1 to fix difficult-to-duplicate "Could not create PROMO_BOXES table" error encountered after updating via Software Updates in certain server environments. Added check for upper and lower case version of table name.

Pro v4.9 r17

BACKUP RESTORE [bug fix] No longer limited to running from a database server on localhost (so remote db servers are ok now, as with the rest of the product).

Pro v4.9 r16

PLUGIN MANAGER [bug fix] Now preloading button images so the install/uninstall plugin buttons don't dissappear on first mouseover then come back loaded
SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] Now re-processes hook_replace() calls from installed plugins after updating.

Pro v4.9 r15

BACKEND [bug fix] Important security fix.
SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] Now checks db table structure for common problems after updating.

Pro v4.9 r14

TEMPLATE MANAGER [change/tweak] For new installations....Default logo heading text changed to "Welcome" instead of "Coming Soon". This will also appear in the text field under the "Template Settings" in Template Manager to help new users can more quickly identify the field as controlling that particular area of their website.
SETUP FORM [bug fix] Changed version number to v4.9 (instead of v4.8)
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Fixed problem with new installations where you could not save template settings/company info like header text (so it would stick on "Coming Soon") because site_specs table was getting created but the default row it depends on was not getting inserted.
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Now detects Internal Server Error experienced by some users on servers running php suexec and displays a "fix it" link that when clicked fixes the problem (too loose permissions on site_templates folder) and alerts with details.
BACKEND [bug fix] Removed plugin code accidentally wrapped with public build (caused untraslated_strings.log to be created in filebin)

Pro v4.9 r13

CUSTOM TEMPLATES [new feature] Can now include shopping_cart.css in your template folder and manipulate the newly-rennovated (in v4.9) checkout system css classes, etc. Your css will override what the user sets in Shopping Cart Display Options
PLUGIN MANAGER [change/tweak] Author name no longer displayed next to Plugin Name (makes plugin name a bit more immediately-recognizeable since it's less cluttered) May add author name back later in an 'About Plugin' popup or something if demand is there.
CUSTOM TEMPLATES [change/tweak] Can now utilize special #OUTPUT-(.*)# variable with or without html comment tags around it. So #OUTPUT-(.*)# and <!---#OUTPUT-(.*)#--both work.
HOSTOPS / PLUGINS [change/tweak] You can now enable plugin features on sites that have a combination of enabled and deactivated features. As in, if a site has everything enabled except for the shopping cart, which is deactivated, then plugin manager can still be accessed....Instead of all features having to be 'enabled'.
TEMPLATE MANAGER [bug fix] Select Template dropdown box will no longer display an "()" as the second option as it was doing on some servers.
HELP CENTER [bug fix] Special Tool "Check/fix system db table structure" actually works now. Also added specific routine to this tool that checks for/fixes problems arising from the site_specs table having zero rows...which can prevent template settings (like logo text and slogan) from being saved.

Pro v4.9 r12

SOFTWARE UPDATES [bug fix] Fixed build file extract problem on FreeBSD servers.

Pro v4.9 r11

BRANDING [bug fix] Added options to Branding Controls in the partner area to control "Get more templates" and "Get more plugins" links independantly of whether you allow customers to install plugins or not.
TEMPLATE BOXES [bug fix] Read more links go to under construction page.