Support: Video Tutorials

Photo Albums

In this video…

  • Creating new albums
  • Managing pictures
  • Adding captions and links

Soholaunch Ultra

Getting a Feel for Ultra’s Features and Dashboard
  • Brief introduction to every feature
  • How to get live support in two clicks.
Purchasing Soholaunch Ultra
  • Finish checkout fast
  • Start building your dream website immediately!
Purchasing Soholaunch Ultra Using Your Own Domain
  • Complete checkout with your own domain name
  • Review the welcome email
Install Self-Hosted Ultra
  • Prepare cPanel for install
  • Use installultra.php
Adding Title and Description Tags to Pages
  • Important meta-tags for SEO
  • See them in search results
Sending Newsletters Part 1
  • Gather email addresses
  • Upload CSV, add a form, or use a system table
Sending Newsletters Part 2
  • Set up a campaign
  • Select email list, page, and template
Making Photo Albums
  • Learn the steps of adding an album
  • Display images beautifully on your site
Best Practices for the Ultra Text Editor
  • Format text and images
  • Add custom code
Navigating the Template Manager
  • Change your template
  • Add visual settings for your template
Adding Coupon Codes
  • Add a coupon to the cart
  • Give discounts for more sales
Turning on Google Translate
  • Activate Google Translate for the dashboard
  • Show your site visitors the option to translate
Using the Calendar Module
Making Web Forms
  • Create forms
  • Add to a page or cart product
Maintaining a Blog
  • Create authors and posts
  • Add a blog to a page
Using Social Media Features
Add Your Site to Google
  • Adding your website to Google's index
  • Only do this once
Google Webmaster Tools
  • Creating a Webmaster Tools Account
  • Verifying your site with Google
Setting up Google Analytics
  • Creating an Analytics Account
  • Installing the Tracking Code
Working With Images
  • Making images load faster
  • Cropping your photots
How to Get Support
  • Submitting support tickets
  • Finding documentation
Sidebar Basics
  • Locating the sidebar boxes in your template
  • Adding content to sidebars
Welcome to Ultra
  • Dashboard at-a-glance
  • Adding pages
  • Editing content

Soholaunch Pro

Logging in to Your Site
  • Go to /sohoadmin login page
  • Get to the main menu
Creating New Pages
  • Adding new pages
  • Previewing your website
Editing Content
  • Drag-and-drop objects
  • Adding text and images
Webmaster Tools
  • Version updates
  • Adding new administrators
  • Default meta tags
Cart Products
  • Drag and drop cart items
  • Organzing your products
Cart Themes
  • Changing the colors of your shopping cart
  • Special settings
Accepting Payments
  • Configuring payment gateways
  • PayPal Setup
  • Currency choices
Tax and Shipping
  • Specifying tax rates
  • Choosing a shipping method
Database Table Manager
  • Viewing tables and records
  • Creating searches
Backup and Restore
  • Creating backups
  • Restoring backups
Traffic Statistics
  • Unique visitor summaries
  • Referring sites
Managing Files
  • Renaming files
  • Deleting files:Organizing files
Menu Navigation (pt1)
  • Setting up menu items
  • Sub-menu items
  • Ordering your menu
Menu Navigation (pt2)
  • Menu display types
  • Button colors
Managing Themes (pt1)
  • Choosing a template
  • Uploading new templates
Managing Themes (pt2)
  • Setting a logo image
  • Swappable images
Inserting Copy
  • Add text to pages
  • Remove excess formatting added by word processors
Inserting Images
  • Adding and aligning images
  • Changing width and height
Shrinking Large Images
  • Bring pixel size down
  • Use your photo editor
Adding Tables
  • Creating tables
  • Modifying columns and rows