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Blogs to Read to Become a Web Guru

13 May 4 by Jack Mathis   tags: helpful, blogs, list

Ok, it takes more than reading a few blogs to become a guru, but these blogs can help keep your web knowledge fresh. They are the blogs I read to stay current with the web world. These resources should help beginners and those of you who are developers.

CSS Tricks

I come across this blog a lot when I’m searching for CSS that I know exists but don’t know how to write. It’s also good for browsing when you want to improve your CSS skills.

Google Webmaster Help

I admit, this isn't a blog per se, but Google’s webmaster channel has useful videos about making your site better for search optimization. It’s great for new webmasters who aren’t sure how to make search engines happy. Although the videos can seem sort of vague because of Google’s secrecy, they do give general ideas about best practices.

The Sass Way

The Sass Way has the most current information and guides for Sass CSS. Many of the writers contribute to the development of the Sass language itself, so they know what they’re talking about. They explain the newest features in clear terms.

I’d Rather Be Writing

This is a frequently updated blog by a well known practitioner in the technical writing community. Some posts go into more advanced aspects of technical writing, but the blog does have more general posts that educate you on making good technical writing.

Smashing Magazine

This may be a big “duh” for some of you since Smashing Magazine is a well known site. The writers make some of the clearest guides on the web and provide great examples. They make complex material very clear and get you on your way to doing things you didn’t think you could do.