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Soho Support Tickets: An Android App

Soho Support Tickets is an Android application that periodically reads the number contained in an online text file and displays that number on your phone's status bar. This application was intended to display the number of open support tickets but it can be used for tracking anything that consists of a number under 100.

To use this application you need to have a .txt file hosted on your website that contains a number 0-99.  I suggest writing a cronjob that updates this .txt file.  Open up the Soho Tickets application on your android device and enter in the URL of your .txt file in the URL box.  Next, enter the how often you want your device to check the .txt file in the Frequency field(note that this number is in minutes).  Click "Save Settings" and "Start" and you are all set.  Note that you can also click the Soho Support Ticket's icon in the status bar to update the status bar count.

You can download the Soho Support tickets application for free, just search for "soho" in the android market.