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How to Sell Online Membership

The latest version of Ultra includes a new feature that allows you to sell online membership as a shopping cart item.  After purchasing the item the buyer can then access secure pages on your site that are protected by the member login feature.  Setting up online membership as a cart item can be done in 3 steps:

Step 1) Create a Security Code (Group) - The first step is to create a security group in the Member Logins module. For this example I will create a Security Code called "Secret Recipes" with the intention of protecting the content of pages that include top secret cake recipes. I will type Secret Recipes and click the "Create Group" button.  Now that the group is created it's on to step 2!

Step 2) Make your Content Exclusive - Now that I have created a Security Group called "Secret Recipes" I need to add the security group to the pages that have the recipes on them, that way only visitors who have a member login can view the recipes page.  To do this I will go into the Page Editor for my Recipes page and click the "Page Properties" button.  In the page properties section I will select "Secret Recipes" in the drop-down menu labeled "Security Code" and click "OK". Finally Click the "Save Page" button and your Recipes are now safe; when site visitors try to view your recipes page they will be presented with a login box. On to Step 3!

Step 3) Sell access to your Exclusive Content - The final step is creating a shopping cart item that creates a member login that has access to the security group created in step 1.  In the Shopping cart create a new product and go to the "Advanced Options" tab.  On the bottom left select "Yes" for the option labeled:"Create member login for buyer to access pages protected by security codes?".  Then select "Secret Recipes" in the option labeled "Security Code (Group)".  You can also select how long the membership is valid for (set this to 0 if you don't want the members access to expire).  Click "Save Product" and you're done!

Done!  Now sit back, relax, and watch the sales come in... after all those are some sweet, sweet recipes!