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Ultra Site Builder... Unparalleled Support

11 Oct 3 by Cameron Allen   tags: Ultra, support, help

One of the ways Ultra separates itself from other site-building solutions is the way support is integrated into the product. The "Get Support" button on the top menu opens the Help Center where users can watch video tutorials, view Ultra's user-manual, or open a support ticket to ask a question. 



With a single click users can contact support to get any question answered or any issue resolved! Whether it be a question about email setup, billing, or Ultra "how do I do this" questions, the Help Center is a one-stop-shop for users to get support!  Our Support team includes billing and support techs from our Hosting Partners, as well as Soholaunch developers (myself included).


So remember, the next time you have a question or issue, your answer is just a click away!