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Ultra's New Template Features

I wanted to highlight some of the new template features available in the next release of Soholaunch Ultra v1.17 .

Template Sidebars - #BOX1#

We are excited to announce the release of the sidebar system for Soholaunch Ultra. Template designers can now take advantage of the new #BOX variables to add sidebars to their templates.  Users can easily control template content in the new sidebar manager in the page editor.

Horizontal & Vertical Flyout Menus - #HFLYOUTMENU# & #VFLYOUTMENU#

Template designers can now add horizontol menus with flyout sub-menu's by using the new #HFLYOUTMENU# template variable.  The new flyout menus use list items with predefined classes to make it easy for designers to customize the menu using css.  These new flyout menus also use Bootstrap and Foundation styles making  Foundation/Bootstrap template creation a breeze!

J-Query Include - #JQUERY#

We added a #JQUERY# template variable which includes the latest stable version of JQuery.  This way designers can use the functionality of JQuery and keep their template's size down!

The full list of template variables can be seen on our wiki!