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The New Text Editor

20 Jun 3 by Cameron Allen   tags: text editor, TinyMCE

I am pleased to announce that we have updated the text editor in the latest Soholaunch Pro release to TinyMCE version 3.5.3!  This latest version of TinyMCE includes a simpler interface and some new features like html 5 media embedding.  We have also added the ability to toggle between normal and advanced mode for the texteditor in webmaster>global settings .  The advanced mode includes table editing options.  Please let me know what you think!  tinymce.gif

Other changes in  Soholaunch Pro v4.9.4 r6 include:

  • +Text Editor> Updated text editor to latest version of TinyMCE.
  • +Interface > /sohoadmin pop-up window dimensions increased and is now re-sizable.
  • +Shopping Cart > View Orders/Invoices > Now displays summary of products ordered, as well as the IP Address of the customer. Also cleaned up the order list a little.
  • -Shopping Cart > Broken image displays in search results when no thumbnail is defined.
  • -Database Tables> Fixed bug where tables named "group" could not be edited.
  • *Backend > Changed supersterilize function to work with all UTF-8 languages.