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Finding Fluffy

For the past 3 years I have been planning to adopt a furry four-legged friend. The biggest challenge was finding a dog that didn't set my allergies to DEFCON 1. After researching different breeds I found that Old English Sheepdogs had the personality and characteristics that I was looking for, but how would my allergies fare to this particularly shaggy breed? I found a local breeder who was gracious enough to send me a baggy of their dog's fur. I placed the baggy next to my desk and rubbed the fur on my face around my eyes check ...eyes intact ...nose and respiratory systems functioning ...all systems go!

I am excited to say that next Friday we will be welcoming an adorable 8 week old Old English Sheepdog to her new home. But before we do that, we need to settle on a name. We are leaning towards Ellie, but we have also considered naming her: Lulu, Waffles, and Journey. If you have an idea or suggestion for name, post it in a comment, I would love to hear it!