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The New Responsive Template Documentation

I just finished the documentation on creating responsive templates for Soholaunch. There are two guides now…

  1. Zurb Foundation & Soholaunch guide
  2. Twitter Bootstrap & Soholaunch guide

These guides outline the essentials for making responsive frameworks work with the Soholaunch template system.

The guides include working example templates (as downloadable zip files) that you can use as a reference or modify them and use them as a base for your own templates.

The two frameworks need not scare off anyone who thinks their HTML/CSS skills aren’t “good enough.” Sure, you need to know HTML basics, but don’t let the word “responsive” make you think you need mysterious coding prowess.

The frameworks allow you to make beautiful responsive templates without having to touch any of the javascript or jQuery files. The main thing you need to know are the essential CSS classes that are unique to the frameworks, which are documented pretty well in the Foundation docs and Bootstrap docs. These classes are all you need to build out the main guts of your index.html file.

With these basics, you can create stunning templates because the frameworks do a lot of the heavy lifting. Once you get the hang of the basics, like the grid and its classes, then you can venture out to more advanced aspects.

If this feels overwhelming, Soholaunch Ultra has a lot of great responsive templates built-in, which are available to you right of the box. I wrote the guides as I was learning the process building Soholaunch templates with frameworks myself, and they should save you from having to figure out too much on your own to get started.

The Soholaunch template manager complements the frameworks nicely because it works off HTML and CSS. For new developers, it also doesn’t have a steep learning curve like a proprietary system. Let us know if you find any places for improvement in the guides -- and happy coding!