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Overview of Soholaunch Help Resources

In past blog posts, we’ve discussed individual support options for Soholaunch users. This post consolidates all of the available resources and illustrates the cases in which each can be helpful. All of these resources are available at

1. Soholaunch user’s manuals

Ultra manual:
Pro manual:

Both the Pro and Ultra manuals are available at any time. They’re a good choice if you want to know how to use a specific feature module with a quick glance. The navigation is topical, so you can jump to the feature module that you need help with.

2. Video Tutorials

These are recorded demonstrations of Soholaunch features. They’re helpful if you want to see a visual lesson for using a particular feature. They’re located on the Tutorials page on and also on our YouTube channel (but they are the same videos).

3. Webinars

Join a free webinar to see a live demonstration of the Soholaunch Ultra dashboard and an overview of the features. We simplified the webinar signup process by removing the requirement to register. All you have to do is click the join link from your computer and it will launch. Webinars are on Wednesdays at 11:00am Eastern Time, except if the Wednesday falls on a major holiday. The countdown to the next one is shown on the webinar page. When the webinar is about to start, click the join link on

4. Forums

A more traditional help route, the forums put you in touch with other Soholaunch users and lets you share and ask for help.

5. Open a support ticket with the techs

Open a ticket from the Ultra dashboard or your partner area account to speak directly to the Soholaunch techs. From the Ultra dashboard, click the “Get Support” button to open a support ticket.

6. The Soholaunch Wiki

The wiki is a more advanced break-down of the Soholaunch system. Useful if you want to build customizations into your Soholaunch site, or if you’re a developer. It may not be the most helpful if you are new to Soholaunch and website building.