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5 Free Resources for New Web Developers

2 Dec 4 by Jack Mathis   tags: tools, free, website

1. Google Page Speed Checker

The industry-standard tool for seeing if your site’s loading speed is up to par. It also shows you which pieces of your site content are the slowest, so you know where to start with your fixes.

2. w3schools

A useful reference site for HTML/CSS syntax, and a good site for learning technical aspects of web development. Offers interactive courses for topics like HTML and CSS that can help you learn how to create custom templates for Soholaunch.

3. w3school’s color picker, too

Provides a color wheel to help you determine just the right color you’re looking for.

4. Notepad++

The most popular free website code editor. It’s simple and utilitarian like Microsoft’s built-in Notepad, but it also colorizes website code so you can read it more easily.

5. Code Academy

Free video training and exercises to help you learn web development techniques, like w3schools but more polished and more in-depth.