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Entrepreneur - Not a Four Letter Word!

Don’t be surprised if a four letter exclamation enters into some entrepreneur’s vocabulary as a response to some event, but to me “good” is the four letter word that best describes entrepreneur.  Good for the economy, good for individuals, good for building strong families, good for making the most of our personal gifts, good for creating personal wealth.  It’s the entrepreneur’s passion that usually drives his/her potentially inappropriate and maybe ill-timed exclamation (good or bad).  Passion, however, is also one of the key ingredients that brings success to an entrepreneur and through that success the great feeling of fulfillment when things go even better than expected!   

Fortunately you don’t have to be able to spell, entrepreneur, in order to be one.  That’s good news for many of us who have a hard time “spelling! ” The starting place is being able to talk about and describe your business idea and to argue its worthiness.  It doesn’t matter if you are employed and want to be “your own boss” or if you may have found yourself part of the unemployed masses who are looking for a way to properly provide for your family today and in the future.  It takes personal initiative, some risk tolerance (but no need to go overboard on risk), some planning, a successful attitude . . . and passion.  Some external encouragers and advisers are important, but beware . . . sometimes the risk-adverse folks in our lives become discouragers instead of encouragers.

During this economic downturn we have all heard that small business is a powerful jobs’ engine.  I believe small business is the machine that has the power to turn the Great Recession into a distant memory.  This is true for a) individuals who may be experiencing a “personal” recession, but who take the plunge into entrepreneurism, b) the employees who staff the companies that supply goods and services to this new business, and c) the new employees this new business actually hires.  In addition d) the communities we live in even become better off financially because more taxes are being collected! Small business is definitely “the little engine that could!”

Do you already own your own business and are you looking for ways to improve your existing business' performance?  Are you someone who has been sitting on the sidelines?  So, what’s stopping you?  Lack of money?  No one in you family owned a business before?  Not enough education?  Live in a remote location?  Lack of experience?  Unsure of yourself?  Afraid of failure?  There are many reasons that may be holding you back, but now may be the very best time to get started. "Getting started" may be finding an entrepreneur owned business to associate yourself with - as an employee, a supplier, an investor, or perhaps as an entrepreneur's most important customer. Close the door on the recession by supporting entrepreneurial ventures! 

Let’s explore and share different issues and opportunities related to entrepreneurs.  Share your comments as well as your questions.