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Announcing the New Soholaunch Forums!

We have updated our online support forums here at Soholauch. The new forums have better spam protection, and have a more intuitive design and registration process to help you get started fast and find your way around more easily. The forums are located on our website's Support page or can be found at

How the new Soholaunch Forums can help you

We have Soholaunch experts and veteran users in the forums who know their stuff and are ready to help you. Soholaunch developers also moderate the forums and answer any questions that the veterans may not know. Thus no question is left unanswered for long.

The forums have always been an asset to our customers, and we want to make sure we continue that tradition by keeping the forums healthy and up-to-date. But don't worry, we kept an archive of the older Soholaunch Pro questions from years past that contains tons of troubleshooting tips.

Give them a try!

Forums with good moderation and a smart design are usually the most helpful, and that is what we try to achieve in our forums. You can also post any ideas for improving them, which we are glad to hear.

So if you haven't checked them out yet, you may want to see them for yourself. Good for browsing or posting questions, the forums should help you learn the ins and outs of using our site builder and building a great website.