Control Panels that Offer Soholaunch

We have partnered with these top control panel providers to make it easier for you to offer Soholaunch to your customers

Auto-Install Script: A free, do-it-yourself installation script!

This will install the latest version of Soholaunch Pro Edition on your website. You can also use this script to upgrade an existing Soholaunch site to the latest version.

Check with your Web Host for availability of the following Auto-Install Solutions

Fantastico: Wildly popular add-on for cPanel

Fantastico is the #1 application installer for the cPanel control panel. Most web hosting companies who offer cPanel with their hosting packages also offer Fantastico.

cPanel: The most popular control panel for Linux hosting

cPanel is is by far the market leader in hosting automation for Linux servers. Working closely with cPanel, Soholaunch has developed two different packages for cPanel-savvy web hosts. And both packages are free to download right now!

4PSA: Add-on installer for Plesk control panel

Plesk is a popular control panel for Linux servers. 4PSA is the #1 application installer for the Plesk control panel.

Simple Scripts: Easy auto-installation!

Simple Scripts makes it easy to Install Soholaunch. All you need to supply is your website and your FTP information, and your ready to install. Login to your Simple Scripts account and get started today!

Helm: The preferred way to deploy Soholaunch website builder on Windows servers

If you're a web host and you have Windows-based servers (as opposed to Linux), we highly recommend using the HELM hosting control system as your control panel of choice. It's super-slick, uber-powerful, and best of all: It makes it easy to offer Soholaunch website builder to all your customers!