Website Traffic Statistics

Understand your visitors with traffic statistics

Effective websites never stop maturing. You’ll always be updating one aspect or another. The idea is to focus those changes and updates on areas where they will make the biggest impact on your visitors’ experience.

Built-in statistics give you a helpful overview

The Site Statistics feature gives you a great at-a-glance summary of your visitors' browsing behaviours. It tells you how many visitors your website received over a given time period and which areas of your site received the highest traffic.

Picture of daily visit counts in Soholaunch Ultra

Add Google Analytics® for even more detail

Soholaunch Ultra Sitebuilder comes with built-in support for Google Anayltics, an incredibly powerful (and free) web statistics package from Google.

Picture of Google Analytics dashboard

See visitor trends

  • Shows total hits per hour or per day over an entire month
  • Total page views
  • List of all site pages ranked by hit count
  • Describe events with titles, short descriptions, and detail pages
  • Put your mouse cursor over a particular day or hour to see specific hit count for that time
  • List of sites that have referred visitors to your site
  • See visitor Browser and Operating System statistics