Shopping Cart

Sell physical and digital products online.

Soholaunch's Shopping Cart feature helps you develop and manage all types of online stores; from small and simple, to big and complex. Effortlessly configure product categories, shipping methods, tax rates, payment options, exchange policies, and much more; all without typing a single line of code.

Picture of the Soholaunch Shopping Cart feature, selecting a product image

Shopping Cart Features

  • Add an unlimited number of items to your eCommerce store
  • Popular payment methods for painless transactions
  • Organize products into multiple categories
  • Remember repeat customer information automatically
  • Restrict access to specified products and/or bulk pricing
  • Accept PayPal Payments
  • Promote with related items and accessories at checkout
  • Secure shopping cart orders with an SSL certificate
  • Apply state taxes based on shipping address
  • Display privacy, shipping, return/exchange, and other policies
  • Automatically decrement inventory upon purchase
  • Create product searches and upselling associations

Integrated Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • eOnlineData
  • WorldPay
  • VeriSign Payflow Link
  • PayPoint USA
  • PayPro Payments
  • eWay Payments (Australian businesses only)
  • eWay Payments (UK and NZ businesses only)
  • DPS (Direct Payment Solutions)
  • Paystation