Search Engine Optimization

If you've been looking into this whole 'building a website' thing, you've probably heard the terms "Search Engine Marketing", "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" more than a few times. And you've probably figured out by now that these terms refer to the process of making your website as attractive as possible to search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc so that your website will appear higher in their listing when your prospective customers do a search on certain keywords that relate to your business.

The beauty (and bottomless nature) of search engine optimization is that you can optimize every single page for a different set of keywords if you want to. If you sell home appliances, and you have one page for 'Vacuum Cleaners' and another for Dishwashwers, the idea is to attract people who are looking for "home appliances" AND people who are looking for vacuum cleaners AND people who are looking for dishwashers.


Set a site-wide title, description, and keywords

  • Give your website a site-wide title, description, and keywords
  • List of all site pages ranked by hit count
  • Rank, page name, and number of hits displayed for each page

Page-specific title, description, and keywords

  • Capture more targeted visitors by giving each page a unique title, description, and keywords with a more narrow focus than your site-wide title, description, and keywords.
  • Search Engines like simple website URL's. That's why Soholaunch's Page Editor automatically makes a static version of each page you create and saves in the root folder of your website where it's easiest for search engines to find (i.e.