Member Logins

Create password-protected "Members Only" areas

Password-protect anything! Create members-only pages, special-priced shopping cart items, private event calendars, and more. In addition to extensive user-management functions, the Member Logins feature allows you to create multiple levels of access through user-defined security codes, or "groups".

Administrative tools for managing a community of customers

  • Restrict access to virtually anything: Site Templates, Shopping Cart products and categories, Event Calendars, and all features therein.
  • Organize users into groups with different "clearance levels"
  • Create an unlimited number of secure users and groups
  • Batch authenticate thousands of users at once with Database Table Manager
  • Control alignment of text, images, tables, and other objects
  • Give users access to multiple clearance levels on an individual basis

Issue members and clients a "VIP pass" to your website

  • Grant Secure Users access to special areas of your site
  • Billing and shipping data can be automatically "remembered" when Secure Users make Shopping Cart purchases
  • Allow Secure Users to manage their own information through your website
  • Create custom searches for rosters, member directories, etc, that allow users to edit their personal data when viewing their own record in the search results
  • Provide secure users with personal Events Calendar that they can maintain