Drag-and-drop web page editing

Edit your website's page content

The Page Editor is the heart of Soholaunch. What once required many lines of html coding can now be done by draging and dropping items through the page editor tool. This tool makes customizing each page a simple task.

Add rich,dynamic content to your site pages

  • Choose from pre-installed templates
  • Copy and paste text and formatting from
    Microsoft Word documents
  • Create tables for layouts and charts with borders and
    background colors
  • Create multi-level lists with auto-numbering, bullet points,
    and indentions
  • Control alignment of text, images, tables, and other objects
  • Link text and images to pages, files, email addresses,
    and other websites
  • Visually separate sections of content with horizontal
  • Wrap paragraphs and text around images and tables
  • Change font types, colors, sizes, and style

Drag-and-drop advanced features onto the pages

  • Linked images
  • Text content
  • Online forms
  • Documents and PDF files
  • MOV, .MPG, and .AVI video files
  • Automatic date stamps
  • Printable page view links
  • Hit counters
  • Maps and directions
  • .WAV and .MP3 audio files
  • PlugIn linkns with icons
  • Shopping Cart promotions
  • Photo albums with links
  • PopUp Windows