Customize your look and feel

Note: This page describes features in Soholaunch Pro Edition. For the current set of features in Soholaunch Ultra (our latest sitebuilder product), see the Soholaunch Ultra Features page.

Quickstart Wizard helps you get off the ground

Soholaunch Website Builder Quickstart The optional QuickStart Wizard feature helps you get your website off the ground. Or you can skip it.
Soholaunch Website Builder Templates It prompts you to pick from the built-in templates.
Soholaunch Website Builder And choose some initial pages to start out with.

Start with a template design you like

Soholaunch Website Builder Templates 150+ Built-in templates.
Soholaunch Website Builder Templates Create your own template with the Template Builder.
Soholaunch Website Builder Addons 450+ Templates at Soholaunch Addons.

Customize a template with your own logos and slogans

Soholaunch Website Builder Templates Basic Personalization: Add a custom text and your logo image.
Soholaunch Website Builder Templates Template boxes: Special areas of your template where you can add latest news items, special promotions, SitePal characters, and more!
Soholaunch Website Builder Templates Custom template images: Many templates offer the ability to swap-out one or more of their included graphics for your own background images and such.

Add menu navigation

Soholaunch Website Builder Two-level menus: Main page links and sub links that only appear on certain pages
Soholaunch Website Builder Styled for your template: Most templates automatically style your menu navigation links to match your chosen template design.
Soholaunch Website Builder Addons Advanced menu options: Use buttons with your own color schemes. Fly-outs and other super-cool menu plugins available at Soholaunch Addons.

Drag-and-drop page content

Soholaunch Website Builder Easy content editing like MS Word™.
Soholaunch Website Builder Add any of 28 built-in advanced features to your pages like document download links and maps from Google, Yahoo, and/or Mapquest (your choice).
Soholaunch Webiste Builder Addons Even more drag-and-drop page content features available at Soholaunch Addons.

Many advanced features

Soholaunch Website Builder Six advanced feature modules built-in.
Soholaunch Web Forms Our Web Form builder helps you collect visitor information.
Soholaunch Shopping Cart Our extensive Shopping Cart feature gives you everything you need to sell products online.