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Ellie’s Strenuous Work Day

14 Apr 4 by Jack Mathis   tags: ellie, office, dog, worker

Ellie, the Soholaunch office dog, is quite productive here and she has tough work days. She’s not your typical office dog. On the contrary, as her title states on our About Us page, she is an important part of keeping the office happy. Here’s a breakdown of a normal day for Ellie:

In the morning, Ellie shows up bright and ready for the day:


Then she makes her rounds with visiting with everyone:


Of course, she’s rewarded with a treat for all that hard work:


That’s worn her out - nap time. As you can see, she makes sure she gets nice and comfortable:


At the end of the day, she’s sad to see everyone leave...


...but she knows it starts over again tomorrow.