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Create a Custom Blog Display in Ultra v1.42

31 Aug 1 by Mike Morrison

The next version release of Soholaunch Ultra (v1.42, due out next week) includes a special customization option for template developers: The ability to create your own blog display file.

Why would I want to create my own blog display file?

The blog display file controls how blog content appears on your Soholaunch website. You can customize the look of your site's blog to a certain extent using CSS, but some sites may necessitate more extensive customizations than can be accomplished through CSS alone.

When you create your own copy of Soholauch's standard blog display file, you can modify it extensively, and completely alter the HTML structure (and more) of the blog display.

How do I create a custom blog display file?

1. Log-in to your Ultra-powered website through FTP, and find this file...


2. Download the file. This is going to be your modified version.

3. Place your copy of pgm-blog_display.php in your template's folder.

4. Customize as much as you'd like. Soholaunch Ultra will detect that you have your own copy of pgm-blog_display.php in your template folder, and use it instead of the default file.