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More SEO Improvements for Soholaunch Ultra

31 Jul 1 by Mike Morrison   tags: seo

The latest release of Soholaunch Ultra improves how your Shopping Cart products appear to Google's spiders (which crawl your content determine how to include your content in Google search results).

Before: No unique title and description meta tags

Prior to v1.41, the shopping cart did not assign unique meta titles and descriptions to each shopping cart item. This forced Google to "figure out" what your products were named and what text to use to describe them.

After: Automatic title and description meta tags

As of v1.41, Ultra automatically generates search engine title and description tags for your shopping cart products by pulling the product name and description that you created when you added the product.
Here's a screenshot...


These improvements will make your shopping cart items easier for Google to discover, more attractive to searchers (making them more likely to click on your site in their Google results), and the best part --- you don't have to do anything. These improvements kick-in automatically when you update to v1.41 of Soholaunch Ultra.