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All About Ultra's New SEO Feature

7 Jun 1 by Mike Morrison   tags: SEO, meta tags

All About Ultra's New SEO Feature

The next release of Soholaunch Ultra, due out next week, includes a new feature to help you manage your meta titles and descriptions.

For starters, here's a screenshot…

Why does this matter? What are title and description tags?

In order for your website to rank well in Google, each of your pages should have a unique title and description. These short blurbs of text appear in Google when your page is listed among other Google search results. On any given Google results page, the blue link is determined by the page title, and the text below the blue link is determined by the page description.

Manage all of your titles and descriptions at once…

In previous versions of Soholaunch, you could only customize page-specific title and description by editing the page in the Page Editor and pressing the Page Properties button. So basically, you had to open each page one at a time to edit your titles and descriptions. That's all well and good if you're creating a new page, or only need to add one or two titles, but it's tedious and frustrating if you need to edit more than one.

The new meta tag manager included the next version of Soholaunch Ultra lets you manage your pages' titles and descriptions all at once, in one big list.

Easily determine which pages are missing titles or descriptions…

When one of your pages is missing a title or description (because you haven't written one yet), that page will be marked with a prominent yellow background. It's easy to scroll through your list of pages and quickly notice which pages you still need to write descriptions for.

Preview your titles and descriptions as they will appear in Google results…

As you enter your titles and descriptions, they will be styled exactly as Google will style them when they are displayed on Google search results pages. This is a subtle feature, but it helps you see the title and description the way your potential visitors will see it (this tacit empathy helps you write more persuasive titles and descriptions).