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New Audio and Video Features Coming in the Next Release of Soholaunch

18 Jan 1 by Mike Morrison

Our next releases of Soholaunch Ultra and Soholaunch Pro will include some much-requested improvments to the way Soholaunch's Page Editor handles audio and video files.

Here's a preview of what you can look forward to:

  1. Support for the free, open OGG video format.
  2. iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch compatibility for MP4 and OGG videos.
  3. Easier YouTube embedding (no more copy-pasting the embed code).
  4. Built-in MP3 and WAV audio players.
  5. No more popups! Videos will play directly on the page now.

These features will be included in Soholaunch Ultra v1.32 and Soholaunch Pro v4.9.5, which are both due out sometime before February 1st.

We hope these new features will breath new life into your sites' video and audio features. Let us know what you think!