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7 Reasons Why Web Hosts Should Love Soholaunch Ultra

24 Aug 1 by Mike Morrison

Soholaunch Ultra, our new sitebuilder product, was built to give web hosts and their customers a big hug. Here are seven reasons why web hosting companies, in particular, should love it.

#1. It's exclusive.

Take a look around the sitebuilder landscape right now. For you, as a web host, it's all or nothing: There are sitebuilders that anybody can host (e.g., Wordpress, RV), and there are SaaS-model sitebuilders that take customers away from you because they do their own hosting (e.g., Weebly).

You need a sitebuilder that can compete with the SaaS-model sitebuilders in features, but isn't already sitting on all your competitor's servers like Wordpress is. You need something that can make you stand out, something you can market and push that's totally unique to you.

That's where Soholaunch Ultra comes in. Only hosts approved by Soholaunch can offer Soholaunch Ultra. And the good news is, you can probably get approved if you're willing. Ultra isn't exclusive because we reject people; Ultra is exclusive because we only work with hosts who are particularly motivated to offer it (I'll explain what that means in a minute here).

See, for Ultra to work properly, there needs to be a good human relationship between our two companies (us as the software provider, and you as the hosting provider), and not every host is looking for that. Some hosts want to buy a batch of licenses and go do their thing. We get that. Our other sitebuilder, Soholaunch Pro, is all about web host autonomy and big batches of licenses.

Soholaunch Ultra is reserved for web hosts who want to have an ongoing relationship with us to continually ensure that our mutual customers are having the best possible experience.

If a sitebuilder is going to be item #50 on your list of value-adds, you probably want Soholaunch Pro. But if you're planning to make your sitebuilder offering a big part of your business, profits, and marketing, then Soholaunch Ultra was designed just for you. If you're up for that, then you can be on a very short list and offer something only a few other people can.

#2. There is zero startup cost

We want to work with you. There is no volume minimum, there is no setup fee. We only care that you're going to offer Soholaunch Ultra in an environment that gives customers the best possible experience. We hold your hand through integrating our WHM and WHMCS plugins (which we also customize for you for free).

When you do get up and running (I've seen the whole process done in less than two days) and start selling sitebuilder accounts, you pay as you go for licensing and only after you've collected the money from the customer. We view every sitebuilder customer you sell as our shared responsibility. If a customer signs up, doesn't like it, and cancels, you never pay a dime for that license. We tie our success very closely to yours.

#3. It integrates seamlessly with cPanel & WHMCS

From talking to our web host partners over the years, we know that most of you favor cPanel/WHM for server management and WHMCS for billing and account setup, so we built special plugins for WHM & WHMCS that make it easy to fully automate your Soholaunch Ultra offering.

We help you set it up, and then the plugins do their thing. You don't have to worry about account creation, licensing, or anything like that. Just collect the money and help us support the customer if they run into problems.

#4. It answers your eCommerce question

When it comes to eCommerce, few sitebuilder/CMS platforms include anything beyond very basic store functionality. eCommerce software tools are still a largely separate category from sitebuilders. Right now, when one of your customers asks you how they can sell products on their website, what's your answer? Install OS Commerce and pay a developer to wrap their site template around it? Leave you and rebuild their site with Shopify?

Soholaunch bridges this gap. Ultra's built-in Shopping Cart feature is so extensive (10+ payment gateway options, nested categories, coupons, Excel importing, international currency support, etc.) that it could easily be sold on its own as a standalone eCommerce product, but we offer it instead as part of Soholaunch Ultra's complete package.

When you provide Soholaunch Ultra to your customers, you'll have a very easy answer to the "How do I sell stuff on my website?" question. All you have to say is "Click the Shopping Cart icon in Soholaunch Ultra." and you're done. Happy customer, happy web host.

#5. You can promote it to newbies AND developers

Soholaunch Ultra was built from the start to wear two hats: One for people who had never built a website before, and one for experienced developers. This duality is built in to every feature in Soholaunch Ultra. For every "quickstart wizard" there is also a tucked-away spot for custom php. We like to call Soholaunch Ultra the "beginner-friendly, expert-flexible" website builder.

But what does this mean for you, the web host? It means Soholaunch Ultra widens the demographic that you can promote to. You can promote it to first-time webmasters and to your resellers.

#6. It's fully supported, for you and your customer.

When your customer has a question about using Soholaunch Ultra, you don't have to send them to our website and hope for the best. They can get help from us right within the Soholaunch Ultra admin panel; the same place they go to manage their website.

The built-in Support features can be configured to send support questions to your technicians first, and then your techs can elevate problem tickets to us. From the customer's perspective, it's all seamless, and they get high-quality, fast responses when they have questions.

And as for you the host, you'll have a direct line to me and other Soholaunch developers via phone, email, and skype IM whenever you need us.

#7. Ultra is at the beginning of its life cycle

Soholaunch Ultra is a new product. As much as it offers already, we're not remotely done yet. We have big plans for Ultra, and add new features almost every week (FYI: version updates happen in one-click, and the user takes care of it, you don't have to worry about that). When you invest your time in Soholaunch Ultra, you're product that will grow better with time, and we welcome your feedback about features we should consider for our next round of updates.