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Sweet Music Playlists for Concentrating

23 Jul 4 by Jack Mathis

Here at the Soholaunch headquarters, we listen to tons of music and we’ve become connoisseurs of the various streaming services out there.

green-desk.pngWe even set up a nice rig for playing music in the office. We have an old PC with loud speakers and no monitor in the middle of the room. Everyone can remote desktop into it from their computers and change the music how they see fit -- without even getting up from their desks!

In this post I’ll share some of our playlist picks. We gear our playlists towards tracks that help concentration, so we can work our best on helping customers and improving our site builder.

The expertly curated Soholaunch playlist, i.e. the songs I like and compiled

This Spotify playlist has mostly electronic/techno music that is slower paced. The tracks are calming and don't distract too much from the task you’re working on.

Other good Spotify playlists

Pretty much anything under the "Chill" category in Genre & Mood. The “Pop Goes Classical” playlist is neat. It’s pop songs played by a symphony with no vocals:

Songza Playlists (actually curated by music experts)

Songza is a cool service similar to Pandora. But instead of a machine figuring out what you like, it has playlists compiled by expert DJs in each genre. So they pick their own favorites and you have the joy of listening.

We listen to about any playlist in the Work/Study instrumentals genre, such as:

  • Coding playlist (We didn't play this one yet, but the lineups look good. It will be future listening.)

White Noise Services

We’ve also come across understated but very cool white noise services. These are:


The site's headline sums it up:
“Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better.”


This streams sounds from nature like forests or thunderstorms. You could say it is the most organic of them all...I’ll see myself out, and happy listening!